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I work two jobs and get paid 11.50 per hour at one and 9.65 per hour at the other. Combining both jobs, what do I get paid hourly ?

I work 8 hour shifts every day at both jobs and ONLY on the weekends do I get paid 9.65. I'm really bad at math lol If I calculate the average it's only $10, which doesn't seem right and that's not enough to work a single job. If I add both together that's $21 dollars and seems like too much to ask for. Which way is correct? Please help so I can tell my potential employer what I need to be paid in order to drop my second job.

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Computing the Average is a good thing, PROVIDED you work equal amounts of hours at each job. Adding the two different hourly rates makes no sense because you don't do both jobs at same time.
If you work 40 hrs @$11.50/hr + 16 hrs. @ $10/hr then your GROSS EARNINGS (before taxes & other deductions) is $620 per week.  It's as if you worked $11.07 per hour for 56 hours.