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Rates And Times


A bomber and fighter

A bomber Takes off and flies at 500 kph. A fighter, setting out 2 and a half hours later flies at 750kph. How long will it take for the fighter to catch the bomber, and how far will the bomber have... more
Rates And Times


water flows out of a tap at a rate of 1.5 gallons perminute at this rate how much water will flow out of the tap in a half of hour

this problem is a rate problem of how much water will come out in a half hour
Rates And Times


santi runs 100 metres in 14 seconds. How far can she run in one minute at the same speed?

help me :O
Rates And Times


A car travels 700 miles in 14 hours. what is the rate in miles per hour?

A car travels 700 Miles in  14 hours .What is the rate in Miles per hour?
Rates And Times


this is a word problem about rates

Jennifer drove from Town A to Town B at a certain speed. On her way back, she travelled 10km/h faster and took 12.5% less time to complete the journey. Find the speed that Jennifer travelled at... more
Rates And Times


Here is the question

  A truck drove at an average rate of 45 miles per hour on the highway and 20 miles per hour once it entered the city. If it took the trip, which was 100 miles, in 3 hours, how much of it was in... more
Rates And Times


Rate of Work * Time = Part of Job

It takes Phillip 9 hours to proof a chapter of Hawkes Learning Systems' Introductory Algebra book and it takes Mandy 2 hours. How long would it take them working together? (Round your answer to two... more
Rates And Times


How long will it take Eddie, Mark and David to do this job if they work together at the given rates?

Eddie needs 4 days to mow the lawn at the council park. Mark and David, working together, need 3 days to do the same job. How long will it take Eddie, Mark and David to do this job if they work... more
Rates And Times


word problem

Suppose that the height (in centimeters) of a candle is a linear function of the amount of time (in hours) it has been burning. After 13 hours of burning, a candle has a height of 13.2 centimeters.... more
Rates And Times


Doubling Times

Suppose that the number of cells in a tumor doubles every 7 months. Considering that the tumor begins with a single cell, answer the following:  How many cells will there be after 3 years? (Check... more
Rates And Times


Doubling Times

The doubling time of the balance for a money market certificate of deposit (CD) is 20 years. By what factor does it grow in 55 years? (Round to the nearest tenth.)
Rates And Times Algebra Distance Rate Time


Rate time and distance problem. Please answer!

Dave and Daniel leave their houses at 9:30 am walking towards each other. they meet at 10:00am. if their houses are 8 km apart, and Dave is walking at 9 km/h, find Daniel's rate
Rates And Times Rate


A light bulb consumes 960 watt-hours per day. How long does it take to consume 3360 watt-hours?

Rates And Times


Rate is 25mph Time is 35 minutes. What is the distance?

Bob left work and traveled to school at an average speed of 25mph. If it took Bob 35 minutes to reach school, how far is Bob's school from his place of work?
Rates And Times


i need help with rates

If you had $160,000 in account A growing at a rate of 3% each year, and $1,000 in account B growing at 6% each year, how long would it take for account B to surpass account A?


Using derivatives and related rates in calculus?

"Two cars start moving from the same point. One travels south at 48 mi/h and the other travels west at 20 mi/h. At what rate is the distance between the cars increasing two hours later?"   This... more

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