Kiara O.

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answer to this application question needed ASAP PLEASE

a video tracking device recorded the height, h in metres, of a baseball after it was hit into the air. the data collected can be modelled by the quadratic relation h=-3(t-3)^2+18. where t is the time in seconds after the ball was hit.

A) what was the maximum height reached by the baseball

b) when did the baseball reach its maximum height

c) at what time(s) was the baseball at a height of 10m

d) approximately what height did the baseball hit the ground

Talha A.

a) To find the maximum height you need to find the first derivative of the quadratic function, and make it equal to zero. You should get 3 seconds, then find the second derivative and test whether its a maximum or a minimum. If its a maximum sub t=3 into the original quadratic function


Kiara O.

thank you, but how do I find the height at 10m


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