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Quadratic Equations


Grade 10 Unit 5 math inquiry help please

when a graph of y= x^2 is transformed, the point (-3,9) moves to (-1,-3). Describe three sets of transformations that could make this happen. For each set, give the equation of the new parabola.
Quadratic Equations Math


find min or max value

f(x)=3-x-1/2x^2     g(x)=2x(x-3)+7
Quadratic Equations Polynomials Roots


Help find roots of a Polynomial Equation

I'm trying to solve this one polynomial equation: x3 - 2x2 + 10x + 136 = 0   I know the answer is apparently 3 +- 5i, -4 according to the answer guide but I'm unsure how to reach that... more
Quadratic Equations Math Algebra Quadratic Formula


Quadratic equations

The question is written like this:   The width of a rectangle is (x+2) cm. The perimeter of the rectangle is 6(x+1) cm. The area of the rectangle is 18 cm2. Show that 2x2+5x-16=0.   What is the... more
Quadratic Equations Algebra Equations


(2z+1)^1/2+(3z+4)^1/2 = 7, what is the value of z?

Choices:- A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4   Correct answer is 4. How?
Quadratic Equations Math Algebra Challenging Math Problems


What is the value of x in the equation (1+x)^(2/3)+(1-x)^(2/3) = 4(1-x^2)^(1/3)

Answer choices are where Correct choice is C.  (A) 5/(3)^(1/3)(B) -5/(3)^(1/3)(C) +- 5/3(3)^(1/2)(D) +- 15/(3)^1/3   When I substitute 5/3(3)^(1/2) or - 5/3(3)^(1/2) in (1+x)^(2/3)+(1-x)^(2/3)... more
Quadratic Equations


the area of a rectangle is 25 square feet. the length of the rectangle is 3.5 ft more than the width. find the dimensions of the rectangle.

 i made to the part where 5(2w2 +7w-30)=0
Quadratic Equations Algebra Word Problem College Algebra


Write an equation for the family of quadratic functions

Write an equation for the family of quadratic functions, in factored form, with the zeros 0 and negative 8.    
Quadratic Equations


How do you find a vertex h, knowing that k=0 and two other full points for a quadratic equation?

Given two full points and knowing that k=0, then h should have 2 values. One value will be between the two points when k=0 and the other will be extrapolated outside of the two points. I have the... more
Quadratic Equations Math


Use the zero product property to find the solutions to the equation x^2 + 12 = 7x.

Use the zero product property to find the solutions to the equation x squared plus twelve is equal to seven x 
Quadratic Equations


The product of some negative # and 10 less than 3 times that # is 8. Find the #

The negative number is?
Quadratic Equations


The length of a rectangle is 1in less than 3 times its width. If the diagnoal is 2in more than the length, find the dimentions of the rectangle

width and length of the rectangle in inches.
Quadratic Equations


An art studio has the shape of a right triangle. The two legs have lengths of x-2ft and x+5ft. The hypotunuse is 2x-27ft

The two lengths have lengths of x-2ft and x+5ft. The hypotenuse is 2x-27ft. Find the lengths of the three sides.   The length of the three sides of the base are how many feet?
Quadratic Equations Algebra College Algebra


Solving 2x^2 +9x +8 =0 by completing the square method produces an equation of the form (x+h)^2=k. Find h and k.

Solving  2x2+9x+8=0 by completing the square method produces an equation of the form (x+h)2=k. Find h and k.  I have  tried breaking it down but it seems I cannot find a proper formula or the... more
Quadratic Equations


The height of a triangular sail is 4 yards less than twice the length of the base. The area of the sail is 24 sq yards

Find the dimensions of the sail.
Quadratic Equations


33 by 22ft rectangle swimming pool. Total area of walkway is 300ft^2 how wide is the walkway?

Quadratic function. Swimming pool is surrounded by a walkway of uniform width.
Quadratic Equations


can quadratic equations have two imaginary solutions? Explain

this is a question that i need help. 
Quadratic Equations


Quadratics Jeans

  A manufactor of brand A jeans has a daily production costs of C = 0.3x2 _ 120x+12,575where C is the total cost ( in dollars) and x is the number of jeans produced. How many jeans should be... more
Quadratic Equations Algebra 1 Trinomials Algebra Help


Is x^2 + bx + ax + ab a quadratic trinomial?

Quadratic trinomials are obtained when binomial expressions are expanded. Consider the following: (x + a)(x + b) = x2 + bx + ax + ab   This means that quadratic trinomials of the form x2 + (a +... more
Quadratic Equations Quadratic Formula


A natural number when subtracted from 28, becomes equal to 160 times its reciprocal. Find the number.

i don't how to solve the question.can u please help me. i want the answer..  
Quadratic Equations


if 6 is added to 4 times a number the result is twice the square of the number

if 6 is added to 4 times a number the result is twice the square of the number
Quadratic Equations


s(t) = −4.9t2 + 9.8t + 171.5, where s is in meters. When does the object strike the ground?

An object is launched at 9.8 meters per second (m/s) from a 171.5-meter tall platform. The function that represents the object's height s at time t seconds after launch iss(t) = −4.9t2 + 9.8t +... more
Quadratic Equations


help me solve this please

An object is dropped from 27 feet below the tip of the pinnacle atop a 703 ft tall building. Have a height h on the object of 30 seconds is given by the equation H=-16t2+672. Find how many seconds... more

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