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Quadratic Equations


What is the relationship between the roots of a quadratic, and the x-intercepts of the quadratic?

i need to understand this concept for school
Quadratic Equations Algebra 1 Algebra Variables


In the equation x+8=x(x+3), what is x?

I need to find the value of 'x' in this quadratic equation
Quadratic Equations


solve the quadratic equation by completing the square

I need to know how to solve this quadratic equation. I am supposed to answer it by completing the square. x^2-2x-2=0
Quadratic Equations


how to solve this problem (x+5)(x-3)=0

factoring to solve quadratic equations
Quadratic Equations



find exact solution to quadratic equation in the complex numbers
Quadratic Equations


i have a picture of a angry bird wanting to shoot so how am i going to find the equation whichh is a curved line?

This is what i am supposed to do: -introduce the angry bird level that you are using -picture of level with the best possible opening shots graphed in geogebra -explanation of why this is the... more
Quadratic Equations


y = 2x2 + 12x +10

steps to solve quadratic equation
Quadratic Equations


What are two conditions to find the zeros of a quadratic function

what are two conditions when it would be useful to use the quadratic formula to find the zeros of a quadratic function?
Quadratic Equations Quadratic Formula


Quadratic Equation Help

I'm solving a quadratic equation which is 2x^2-x-10=0 and I know that a=2 b=-1 and c=-10 ans with the problem put it into the formula which is -(-10 +- √ -1^2-4(2)(-10) and when I get my answer I... more
Quadratic Equations


i need homework help

x squared -x-12=0
Quadratic Equations


is there a easier way to learnt Quadratic Equations?

i do not understand this topic and i need help
Quadratic Equations


write the quadratic equation using: x=3, x=2

write the quadratic equation using the given information. X=3, X=2
Quadratic Equations Maths


Quadratic equation formula

Question: Solution of quadratic equation formula, recall if ax^2+bx+c=0 then x=-b±√b^2-4ac/2a Use the quadratic formula to solve x+2/4+3/x-1=7
Quadratic Equations Factoring Quadratic Formula


How do you factor an equation like ax^2+bx+c if the a is negative and there is no c?

I know how to graph these kinds of equations with parabolas but cannot figure out how to find the factored, vertex, and standard forms of these equations.
Quadratic Equations


How to solve this quadratic equation x^2-4x-5=0

It's a quadratic equation and the x^2 is x squared
Quadratic Equations Binomials Squared



Quadratic equation with binomial squared  
Quadratic Equations


find a quadratic equation with solutions 3 and (-5/2)

find a quadratic equation with solutions 3 and(-5/2)
Quadratic Equations Algebra 2


how do i factor 3x^2-x-2

  finding the roots of the quadratic equation  
Quadratic Equations


i need help with factoring quadratic equations

i need help with my home work
Quadratic Equations


quadratic equation

Please help me to solve : X2 - 2x-13=0 with the following steps: 1. Move the constant term to the right side of the equation. 2.  Multiply each term in the equation by four times the coefficeint... more

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