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What is the equation of the points (1,8) (2,15) and (3,24)?

I cannot find the equation of these points, can someone help me? 
Quadratic Equations Word Problem Parabola


Parabolic Arch Question

A parabolic arch supports a bridge. The arch is 200m wide at its base and 4m tall in the middle. How high is a point on the arch that is 20m horizontally from one end?
Quadratic Equations


The two distinct solutions of the equations x^2 +bx + c = 0 are reciprocals. What is the value of c ?

I know the answer to this problem is 1 but still don't know the solution and find it pretty conflicting. I'm sure the answer is 1.
Quadratic Equations Polynomials


Due to some reason a plane started 30 min late. To reach the destination,1500 km away, in ,time , the pilot increased the speed by 100km/hour.Find the original

 Can you please provide me with the solution of this problem.
Quadratic Equations


Please help me with this quastion

Given the quadratic equation (2k+1)x2  - 3kx+2k-4=0 has no roots.Find the range of the values of k
Quadratic Equations


Given that the equation mx^2 - 7nx + m = 0 has two equal roots. Find the ratio m:n

Given that the equation mx^2 - 7nx + m = 0 hatwo equal roots. Find the ratio m:n
Quadratic Equations Quadratic Functions


Creating Equation for Sum of Previous Values for Quartic Function

I have this equation that looks like f(x)=0.011x3+2.94x2+104.95x-795   Starting from x=8 and carrying on with only integers, what equation can I use to give me the sum of all previous numbers... more
Quadratic Equations


A question of quadratic eqn

A shopkeeper mixes two types of items costing 40$ and 50$. If he sells 50 kg of the mixture for 2200$, what may be the quantity of each item?
Quadratic Equations


Quadratic equation

Out of a group of goats, 2 times the square root of the number of goats were kept in shade, (1/4) of them were taken for grazing and 15 were sold, find the initial number of... more
Quadratic Equations


A rectangular picture 30cm wide and 50cm long is surrounded by a frame. Combined area of the picture and frame is 2016cm, what is

Please solve it in quadratic representation.
Quadratic Equations Math Linear Equations


On what day does the exponential function surpass the quadratic model?

You’ve been offered jobs at two different companies, and each company offers a different form of payment. At one company, each day’s take-home pay will be the sum of that day’s wages plus the... more
Quadratic Equations Algebra 2 Algebra Equations


Solve with quadratic formula..7x^2 - 10x - 1 = 0?

7x2 - 10x - 1 = 0
Quadratic Equations Algebra 2 Algebra Equations


x^2 - 2x + 9 = 0...find the discriminant & determine types of solutions?

x2 - 2x + 9 = 0   A.)Find discriminant & determine types of solutions B.)Solve with with quadratic formula
Quadratic Equations


Equation is quadratic or not?explain?

Quadratic Equations


Please help and read the description

Wendy took a trip from one city to another, a distance of 510 mi. She traveled part of the way by bus, which arrived at the train station just in time for Wendy to complete her journey by train.... more


21.7 is a good BMI for adults, and should differ no more than x. Write an equation to find the highest and lowest BMI for a healthy adult. Then solve if x=32.

Here's the whole question: Body Mass Index (BMI) is used by doctors to determine weight categories that may lead to health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,... more
Quadratic Equations


9x^2=x+18 I don't know!

Don't know how to do this!
Quadratic Equations Algebra True Or False


The coefficients of a, b, and c in the following quadratic equation are a = 1, b = 2, c = 1: x2 = 2x + 1 True False

need an asnwer asap, im so lost and cant continue on my work until i get this
Quadratic Equations


Quadratic equation, product of roots

It is given that one roots the quadratic equation x^2 + (p+3)x - p^2 = 0 , where p is a constant, is negative of the other. Find the value of the product of roots
Quadratic Equations


Determine three consecutive odd integers, if the square of the largest integer is 345 less than the sum of the squares of the two smaller integers.

this is a quadratic equations word problem i cannot seem to answer pls help i need to pass
Quadratic Equations Geometry


The area of a rectangle is 96 square inches. If the length is 4 times the width, then find the dimensions of the rectangle.

The area of a rectangle is square inches. If the length is times the width, then find the dimensions of the rectangle. Round off your answers to the nearest hundredth.
Quadratic Equations


its in a chapter on quadratic equations, and so that is the likely method to solve it.

its in a chapter on quadratic equations, and so that is the likely method to solve it.at a point 16 yards from the base of a tower, the distance to the top of the tower is 4 yards more than the... more
Quadratic Equations Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra


Solving equations with quadratic formula? 8n^2 + 4n - 16 = -n^2

8n2 + 4n - 16 = -n2
Quadratic Equations


Express through p and q the sum of the squares of the roots of the equation x2+px+q=0.

 I need this asap because this is important

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