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load .mat file in simulink from python hdf5storage library?

I am trying to load/read some random data in simulink I created using the Python module `hdf5storage`. I created `.mat` file in Python (simulink supports version 7.3 only) using this code: #... more
Simulink Matlab Python Arrays


Matlab - Iterating through an array and appending to a new one?

I got an array that is a audio recording, and I'd like to add some noise on it so later I can remove it in Simulink and compare the original to the one that I removed the noise. My problem is that... more
Simulink C Matlab Python


I would like to be able to compare values in one CSV with a nominal set of values in another?

I have been given the task of injecting faults into a system and finding deviations from a norm. These deviations will serve as the failures of the system. So far we've had to detect these faults... more
Simulink Python Udp Decode


Decoding Simulink's UDP Packets in Python?

I have a Simulink model sending data via UDP to another program (Blender) where I can receive the packets, but I have not been able to figure out how to correctly decode them. In the Simulink... more


Use Matlab Raspberry PI Support Package function in Simulink as Matlab Function Block?

I'm new to Matlab and Simulink and I need to get a simulation run on the Raspberry PI. For interaction I use the Raspberry PI Support Package of Matlab. I use the following code to open the... more
Simulink Matlab Optimization


Tuning and optimizing a MATLAB/Simulink Model?

I would like to optimize output signals, by tuning some of the input parameters with ease (preferably in real-time) by looping the simulation of the model again and again at a speed where the speed... more
Simulink Matlab Random


Uniform Random Number blocks in my simulation model?

I've used 2 Uniform Random Number blocks in my simulation model, but every time I run the program they generate last numbers (exactly the same). I need to test the model with new generated numbers.... more

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