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Critical Thinking

Translate the following statements into symbolic form using the letters provided. If Trump hid the phone transcript, then he should either be impeached or should resign. (H,I,R)
Reasoning Reading Implication


What can be inferred about the application?

I read the following in a TOEIC book:> Ben Hayes: Hi, all. Just checking up on everyone. Want to make sure> we’re on track for July’s launch date.> > Manuela Ruiz: Hi, Ben. I’ve just... more
Reasoning Current Affairs


No of times 29th day of the month occurs in 400 consecutive years is ?

I got an answer of 4800 .....


Omar uses his calculator to work out 3 hours divided by 4 The answer is 0.75, he says the answer is 75 minutes or 1 hour 15 minutes what is the mistake?

I'm really stuck on this question and I am getting 45 minutes as the answer but I am not sure if it is right or not 
Reasoning Reason


reason of turn the solution to mulky durint titration process

Why does the solution containing the oxalic acid turn milky white during the course of the titration with calcium hydroxide?


What will be the mean and range of their ages in 5 years time?

The mean and range of their ages is 17 and 26. There are 4 in the family


I am 10 years old and my sister is 4, in how many years shall I be twice as old as she will be?

this is describing whwther the answer is true or not.


they flash together at 6am how many times in the next minute will they flash together?

a lighthouse flashes its light every 4 seconds a second lighthouse flashes its light every 6 seconds


three less than triple a number is fifteen more than the same number

form an equation using x as the number and solve it to find thye number for this statement.

Reasoning, triangle area

One base of a triangle has a length of 6 ft and a corresponding height of 2 ft.  Another base of the same triangle has a length of 4 ft.   What is its corresponding height?  Explain.


What is an alternative form of measuring angles?

compare it with the degree measure and include the origin, applications, benefits or drawbacks.


is it even,odd, or neither?

y=〈 1 if x is rational      〈 0 if x is irrational  
Reasoning Inequalities


Reasoning Inequalities

What value is a solution of y + 7 ≥ 12 but is not a solution of y + 7 > 12?


All Mixed Up: The proofs below are all mixed up. Rearrange either the statements or the reasons so the proofs make sense. - Explain & Show Work

Statementsa. PQ = RSb. QR = QRc. PQ + QR  = RS + QRd. PR = PQ + QR QS = QR + RSe. PR = QS Reasons a. Reflexive Property of Equalityb. Substitution Property of Equalityc. Givend. Addition Property... more
Reasoning Geometry Proofs


All Mixed Up: The proofs below are all mixed up. Rearrange either the statements or the reasons so the proofs make sense. - Explain & Show Work

Statements a. 2x+5 = (1/2x)  + 8 b. 2(2x+5_ = 2(1/2x + 8) c. 4x+10 = x + 16 d. 3x + 10 = 16 e. 3x = 6 f. x = 2   Reasons   a. Distribitive property b. Subtraction Property of... more
Reasoning Math


How many new shares of stock should be issued and then rewarded to him?

An acquaintance of one of the authors was about to take his startup internet company public. He owned 5% of the 900,000 shares of stock that were issued when the company was first formed. The board... more
Reasoning Math


Did the Scarecrow get the Pythagorean Theorem right? In particular, point out and describe the errors in the Scarecrow's statement.

In the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, upon being presented with a Th.D. (Doctor of Thinkology), the Scarecrow proudly exclaims, "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle... more


The total value of the quarters and dimes in a coin bank is $6.90. If the quarters were dimes and the dimes were quarters, the total value of the coins would b

a) Set up a system of equations to represent the situation. b) Find the number of quarters in the bank.


by using only three 5's how can I get answer as 3?

Only these symbols like +, -, /, *,squareroots should be used.





Unit Rates: Jim bought a 0.3 L bottle of medicine.

Jim bought a 0.3 L bottle of medicine. The dosage on the bottle is 2.5 mL per 40 kg of body weight.   a.) Jim weighs 176 ibs. What dosage of medicine should he take ? ( 1kg = 2.2 Ibs)   b.)How... more

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