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What is the meaning of postulate

What is postulate I need the meaning of that word because I tried but I cant find the answer.


State the third congruence that must be given to prove that △ABC △XYZ using the indicated postulate or theorem. - Show Work & Explain

Given <A ≅ <X <B ≅ <Y     Method AAS Congruence Theorem


All Mixed Up: The proofs below are all mixed up. Rearrange either the statements or the reasons so the proofs make sense. - Explain & Show Work

Statementsa. PQ = RSb. QR = QRc. PQ + QR  = RS + QRd. PR = PQ + QR QS = QR + RSe. PR = QS Reasons a. Reflexive Property of Equalityb. Substitution Property of Equalityc. Givend. Addition Property... more

For each postulate of the Kinetic-Molecular Theory of Gases write a further description or give a real world example of how that postulate can be observed.

Postulates of the Kinetic-Molecular Theory of Gases:   1. Gas particles are extremely small and have relatively large distances between them. 2. Gas particles act independently of one another... more


If x=5 , then x+7 = 5+7 .

How i can do this ?

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