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Problem Physics Question


Having problems with Physics.

A car moving with a speed of 108 km/h is brought to rest in a distance of 60 m. The car's acceleration is -7.5 m/s/s. How much time did the car take to stop?


5x=3(1-y) 3x+2y=-1

Solve each system 


Problem solving?!

In a certain course, there are two exams worth 30% each, a major paper worth 25% and quizzes worth 15%. If a student got scores of 84 on the first exam, and a 78 on the paper, and an average of 72... more


problem solving?!

Sarah has 26 coins. Some are pennies and some are nickels. If the coins are worth 62 cents, how many are nickels?


Problem solving?!

What is the area of the largest rectangle with a perimeter of 160?


Problem solving?!

Suppose in a class you have test grades of 65 and 73, an 85 on the paper, and a homework grade of 40. [Assume: the three tests are worth 70%, the homework 20% and the paper 10%] What grade must you... more
Problem Math


word problem help

Use the formula interest i=prt to find the missing value    I=$216.00,P=$2200.00,R=?,T=3yr



The number of crimes, C, in a particular country between 2000 and 2010 was given by the function C=11.9+ 0.1t + ln(t+1), where t is the number of years passed since 2000. Show that C is an... more


if there was 1/4 of a pie and amy want 2/3 of it how much does she want

please explain the answer out


what is 31/4 as a decimal

explain how you got the answer


Equal weights of zinc and iodine react to form ZnI2 find the maximum weight ZnI2formed if 1gm of each was taken initially

Equal weights of zinc and iodine react to form ZnI2 find the maximum weight ZnI2formed if 1gm of each was taken initially. Please answer me fast.


How do I explain the correct process used to simplify subtracting polynomials and put it in words

I am having issues with how to word out this whole thing, math is one of my most weakest link as a student especially when it comes to explaining a problem out. I need help simplifying (3x2 -4x +7)... more
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