Charley B.

asked • 12/03/13

How do I explain the correct process used to simplify subtracting polynomials and put it in words

I am having issues with how to word out this whole thing, math is one of my most weakest link as a student especially when it comes to explaining a problem out. I need help simplifying (3x2 -4x +7) – (-5x2 +12x -9) and give your final answer in simplest form. How do I show that my solution is correct by evaluating it for m = -3 in the original expression and in your expression. And what would one situation would be a good example of a real life use of polynomials.

Charley B.

Thank you so much for your help and very well put explanation of polynomials, it was really understanding and clear.


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Vivian L. answered • 12/03/13

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