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what should i do after Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Lesson Book, Level 3

what should i do after Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Lesson Book, Level 3
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I would have several  suggestions.  First of all, find a classical piece that you have heard that is a bit of a challenge for you.  The teachers that helped me the most when I took lessons are the ones that challenged me beyond what I thought I could handle.  Slowly work on that piece of music. Take it apart a couple of measures at a time.  First work on your right hand only.  Then, work on the left hand only. When you are successful, put hands together.
Second, work on your scales, two to three octaves at a time.  Know the scales and key signatures until they are mastered. Also, make sure you are familiar with chords.  Practice chord inversions until you can change hand positions automatically.  The last suggestion I have is to try picking out songs from the radio that you love.  Start with the melody, and then add the left hand.  Plan to spend lots of time at the piano.  Definitely find a piano teacher to help you. Do what you love and love what you do!
My advice would be to make sure you love whatever you do next so that you continue to have motivation to play. Go to the music store, find a book of music on your level that appeals to your style, and learn to play the songs. Sign up for lessons with a teacher every month or two so that you can be accountable for playing and continue to improve your technique and your abilities. If you haven't done so, I would also advise that you go through Alfred's theory books. And always take opportunities to play for an audience!
Congratulations, Rahul,
You are now starting the intermediate level.
If you find a professional teacher who belongs to the National Guild of Piano Teachers, or like me, the Music Teacher's Association of California, your teacher can recommend which pieces to purchase for Levels 4-10.
These organizations have a Syllabus for every level which include technique, theory, ear training, and sight-reading.
If you want to purchase a Syllabus yourself, you could get it from the
Best wishes,