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Can i do pranayama when i am suffering from asthma?

I have asthma. I heard that Pranayama is a remedy for asthma. So, what type of precautions would I need to take? And in how many days would you see expect to see the results?

Why do different pain killers have different effects on people?

I've noticed some pain killers working great for me, while others have no effect. I doubt there is much of a placebo effect at work, since most of these either did or did not work when I first took... more


Preemptive treatment for alcohol?

It's commonly accepted that most treatments for enteral poisons aren't very useful for alcohol, because it is absorbed so rapidly. For example, by the time a hospital could administer activated... more


Uremic encephalopathy, diabetes, and halucinations?

I'm in highschool, interested in patient diagnosis and treatment and that's why I'm asking this question.I've recently heard about a patient with end-stage uremic encephalopathy and diabetes. He... more


Modern treatment of bronchitis?

On the internet there are dozens or even hundreds of medicines claiming to help if you have bronchitis. But is there a modern and tested approach to treating this illness? Or has nothing really... more

What are the benefits or drawbacks of my primary care physician having hospital admitting privileges?

In the United States, what are the reasons for and against choosing a primary care physician who has hospital admitting privileges? For example, if my primary care physician does not have hospital... more

Who can release my medical records if I'm temporarily disabled?

Say I have a severe allergic reaction, or cardiac event, or poisoning, or any of a billion other conditions that would require urgent medical care, but might leave me unconscious or otherwise... more

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