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When does an EMS patient become the Emergency Rooms responsibility?

An EMS crew brought a patient having chest pain to the local small ER. Before removing patient from EMS stretcher the ER staff perform a basic EKG and confirm the patient is having a heart attack... more


AP Research Topics

Hi. I’m stuck on a topic to pick for AP research. I need to find a gap in my research and I can’t seem to find one. I was wondering if anybody can help me find a gap in my research (something that... more
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Patient in traumatic cardiac arrest - trauma centre diversion?

I am from Hong Kong and for injured patients who are treated by paramedics and need transport to hospital for treatment they have a trauma diversion guide. This is for patients with major trauma,... more
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What's a patient's 'journey' (yuck) through A&E?

I have started a new job, in which I will be teaching clinical staff in A&E how to use the new software package the hospital has bought. The problem is, I do not have a medical background. I... more


How do hospitals know who is family?

When a person is hospitalized, family members are legally allowed certain rights, especially if the hospitalized individual is unable to make his or her own medical decisions. But how does the... more

How do they make sure someone has really died before declaring them dead?

What is the way they determine someone died before declaring them dead? There are stories I've heard of over the years, people who's heart stopped, were brain dead, fell under ice rivers for half... more
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Why do surgeons wear blue aprons during surgeries?

In most cases, the surgeon wears a white apron, but during a surgery he is wearing a blue apron, why blue?

What are the benefits or drawbacks of my primary care physician having hospital admitting privileges?

In the United States, what are the reasons for and against choosing a primary care physician who has hospital admitting privileges? For example, if my primary care physician does not have hospital... more

Who can release my medical records if I'm temporarily disabled?

Say I have a severe allergic reaction, or cardiac event, or poisoning, or any of a billion other conditions that would require urgent medical care, but might leave me unconscious or otherwise... more

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