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Addition of two IP addresses

How can I add this IP addresses together? + 54.105.153   and + 63. 31
Networking (computer)


how to create a local server using laptop and router?

I want to make my laptop a server which can be accessed from anywhere anytime. Also, I want to use the router in order to connect with as many no. of laptops and other devices as possible. Can... more
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Hello, do you know what it means to change you DNS to OpenDNS on your computer ?

I haven't been able to get access to my email on outlook, but then I read somewhere that I just have to change the DNS to OpenDNS (for some reason) unfortunately I don't know what that even means.    more
Networking (computer) Networking


computer network hardening

what policies should be implemented for computer network hardening?
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How customers can the ISP support?

ISP has been assigned the address space Customers Already Assigned & wants to assign remaining addresses to customers with each needing 100... more
Networking (computer)


Which of these statements about network topologies are true?

Star networks rely on the availability of the central controller The only network topologies possible are star, ring and bus networks Collisions cannot occur on a token ring network It is easier... more
Networking (computer)


What do LLC and MAC define ? (For Networking)

I just want to know if the question means what they stand for or what they mean. Thanks.
Networking (computer)


List the 6 tasks of the data link layer of the OSI layer and explain them

Intro to Networking 
Networking (computer)


Does distance vector and shortest path same?

what is the difference between distance vector and shortest path? Are they same?

Need help with matching: Search tool descriptions

Match these with their term   1. Offers the convenience of searching many sources from one web site    2. Service that connects you with a human librarian   3. Finds subjective content, such... more


What would be five different states through which ports on a switch running STP can transition.

Sorry for the many questions, only asking cause like I said in my previous question my knowledge is little in the networking field and any help would be much appreciated. How do you bypass the... more

What is the forward delay in STP?

Little knowledge in this field any help would be appreciated.    1.What are the port states in an STP implementation?2.How does STP calculate its cost?3.How long does it take to transition from... more


What trunking protocols does VTP support



How do i calculate current (I) for the circuit shown.


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