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Quick question on centripetal force

If an airplane makes a circular turn, what provides the centripetal force?
Mechanical Physics


a block is released from an inclined plane of inclination 45 degree.

find out the acceleration of the block if coefficient of friction between ground and block is 0.5.


equilibrium of turning moments

Mechanical Physics


Spring rate vs acceleration of compression springs.

Imagine two old fashioned pin ball machines. If one uses a spring with a rate of 5 pounds per inch compressed 10 inches for a load of 50 lbs; and the other uses a spring with a rate of 10 pounds... more
Mechanical Physics


How to find force ?

What force should be applied on 10kg body so that it moves down in vacuum with an acceleration of 3 meter per second square(take g=9.8)


Car on a banked curve

You want to design a circular racetrack of radius L such that cars of mass m can go around the track at speed u without the aid of friction or other forces other than the perpendicular contact... more


Two Forces are acting on an object, a 12-N force and a 5-N force. What is the minimum net force can act on the object?

Two Forces are acting on an object, a 12-N force and a 5-N force. What is the minimum net force can act on the object? Decribe the orientation of the forces in order to give a minimum net force.... more
Mechanical Physics


is newton's law true in all refrence

physics question as provided above.i want description as fast as possible.
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Physics: mechanical advantage? (multiple choice)

What is the mechanical advantage of a claw foot hammer having a handle with a length of 45 cm and head length of 10 cm? a. 1/9 b. 2/9 c. 2/5 d. 5/2 e. 9/2 f. 9/1
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Three high school physics problems please help!

1. The Milky Way contains a supermassive black hole with mass of 4 million times the Sun(!). a. If the black hole is 2.4x10^20 away from Earth, calculate the gravitational force between the black... more
Mechanical Physics Physics


Physics Problem 4

In tae-kwon-do, a hand is slammed down onto a target at a speed of 14 m/s and comes to a stop during the 7.0 ms collision. Assume that during the impact the hand is independent of the arm and has a... more
Mechanical Physics Physics


Physics Problem 3

A 4.30 g bullet moving at 717 m/s strikes a 630 g wooden block at rest on a frictionless surface. The bullet emerges, traveling in the same direction with its speed reduced to 472 m/s. (a) What is... more
Mechanical Physics Physics


Physics Problem 2

A space vehicle is traveling at 4220 km/h relative to Earth when the exhausted rocket motor is disengaged and sent backward. The relative speed between the motor and the command module is then 93... more
Mechanical Physics Physics


Physics Problem

A rocket, which is in deep space and initially at rest relative to an inertial reference frame, has a mass of 88.3 × 105 kg, of which 17.7 × 105 kg is fuel. The rocket engine is then fired for 450... more
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Harmonic oscillation x=sin?nt?

Hey guys,Hope someone can give me a hand on this one?A particle is subjected to undamped harmonic oscillation described by the equation:x=sinωntProve that the linear acceleration of the particle is... more


Cantilever with load. Shear Force, bending-moment?

A cantilever, 1.5m long has a weight of 3kN and carries concentrated loads of 4kN at the free-end and 5kN at a distance of 0.5m from the free-end. Determine:a) The shear force at each load and at... more

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