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What division sentence means the same as the following subtraction sentences? 12-4=8, 8-4=4,4-4=0

12-4=8  8-4=4 4-4=0
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How to graph y=5x and y=4.5x and y=4.75x on one graph

Math problem 
Math Question


Tne number n of state and federal inmates in millions during year x where x 2002 n = 0.03x - 58.79 what year were there 1.3 million inmates.

I need help solving this math question and I can not figure out the solution to the problem in the correct order.
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(4.2 x 10^3)(1.5 x 10^6)

I need help. I dont know how to get the anwser to this math question. I need to do either properties of exponents which are product of powers, power of a power, power of a product, negatvie... more
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(p^2+4p-26) divided by (p+8)

homework help
Math Question


the product of two consecutive integers is 89 more than their sum. find the integers

math question
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a squares perimeter measures 64 in. if a similar square's dimensions are 1/2 as large, what is the measure of each side

how do you calculate and explain.
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can someone help me with a homework problem?

A pond is being dug according to plans that have a scale of 1 in= 6.5 ft the maximum distance across the pond is 9.75 inches on the plans. what will be the actual maximum distance across the pond?
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When you take a negative fraction and write a rational number as a terminating decimal is the answer negative or positive?

- 126/35= -3.6   -9/24= -.379   Are these answers correct?  and what are the rules for dealing with negative fractions writing rational numbers as a terminating decimal?
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How to write it out in Expression with parentheses

Challenge:  Allison buys 16 treats for her pet bird and 8 treats for her fish.  Hansen buys 6 treats for his pet cat and 14 treats are packd in each of 4 containers.  How many more treats does... more
Math Question


whats the mean and median of 4,5,5,5,11,25

im doing math with mean and median and i have 30 problems , i need help
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solve proportion

-4/9=3/n  __/(decimal)
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I am not sure how to do this question. I am trying to help my son.
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