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Find the area of a circle with a radius of 6 ft. Round off your answer to one decimal point. (The

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2 Answers

If you are doing this problem without a calculator, then you need to know that Π is rounded to 3.14 for practical purposes.

The formula for the area of a circle (A) is A =Πr2.

r = 6 ft   Π = 3.14,

A = 3.14 x 62

A = 113.04 (which is an estimated answer because Π is estimated in this case).

Therefore, the answer would be D.  If you can use a calculator, then your answer will be more exact.  Just realize that the estimate will put you close enough to your answer in a multiple choice setting if a calculator is not available.


A = 3.14 x 36


Given that the area, A, of a circle is defined by the following formula:    

          A = πr2 ,   where r is the radius of the circle ....

....then the area of a circle with a radius of 6 ft is as follows:

     A = π(6)2 = π(36)

     A = 36π = 113.09733552923

Thus, after rounding off the answer to one decimal point, the area of the circle is 113.1 ft2 (answer choice D).