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In 16 days, i get 624 cards from my friends, sooooo, how many cards do i have in 78 days?

There is surely a remainder and i think this question is VERRRRRYYYYYY weird. So, help?

help, help, help??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???

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The problem states that you receive 624 cards in 16 days...or 624 cards per 16 days, which is

     624 cards / 16 days = (624/16) cards per day = 39 cards per day = 39 cards/day

To find how many cards you will have in 78 days, simply multiply 39 cards/day by 78 days:

          (39 cards/day)·(78 days) = (39·78) cards·days/day = 3042 cards

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Your concern is that 16 doesn't go evenly into 78 and so we'll end up with fractions of cards, right? This turns out to be false. Let's set up the proportion and see what happens:

624 cards/16 days  =  x cards/78 days

Multiply both sides by 78:

x = 3042 cards

Note that there are other ways to set up the proportion and get the same answer, e.g.,

78 days/16 days  =  x cards/624 cards

so long as each value corresponds with the others.

Hope this helps.

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Simply - 624/16 = x/78 * 78. Therefore, x=3,042 cards in 78 days.  I think you are trying to figure out how you work with 624 and 78, not being divisible.  Basically, if you get 624 cards in 16 days, divide 624 by 16 to find out the number of cards you receive per day (39). Then multiply 39 cards by 78 days, equaling 3,042.  Hope this helps!