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Literature Hamlet


Disscuss the merits of the following statement from Hamlet.

  "The tone of Hamlet's brooding and often moralizing speech, his melancholy and dissatisfaction, his very desire for revenge do seem to imply an aspiration toward some form of moral beauty."


Should I read the Hunger Games?

Should I read the Hunger Games even if I'm not into futuristic Sci-Fi novels? Is this a good book for all students?
Literature Novels


What are the major takeaways from Catcher in the Rye?

Is this a book that everyone should read? Are there lessons that apply to everyone?


Is the Great Gatsby still relevant?

Why should students be required to read the Great Gatsby? How is it relatable for kids today?


Is Ender's Game worth reading?

If so, why? What's all the hype about? 


Why is To Kill a Mockingbird so influential?

It seems like year after year I see the same books at the top of every student's reading list. What's the big deal with TKAM and why does every teacher insist we read this? Is it that influential... more
Literature Message Purpose


Is literature a good medium to convey messages, and to what extent do authors try to convey a message?

I wonder if literature is a good medium to convey messages with, and how good it is compared to other methods. I understand that comparing the effectiveness of literature to other mediums is hard,... more
Literature Fahrenheit 451


What does the symbol of the Salamander mean in Fahrenheit 451?

In Fahrenheit 451, there are several references to the Salamander badge for the firemen. What does it mean?


A novel written through letter-writing is written with which point of view?

A novel written through letter-writing is written with which point of view? First person Third person limited Omniscient Third... more
Literature English


Do you know any proof that Polyphemus's cursed word and any proof of how it worked?

I have an english essay and I just can seem to find any proof. Help me please.   Thank you!!!
Literature English


What does the conch represent in Lord of the Flies?

What does the conch represent in Lord of the Flies?
Literature English


Explain why Wuthering Height's (the castle/house) is called that.

Trying to answer a short essay question for Literature.
Literature English


What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor?

Trying to finish a worksheet
Literature English


What does Death of a Salesman say about the american dream?

for English class we need to talk about Death of a Salesman and the american dream.


Why is Shakespeare important?

its for discussion in class
Literature English


What are the major themes in of mice and men?

for Lit class
Literature English


what do the glasses represent in the Great Gatsby?

the glasses on the billboard


Is there any proof that Shakespeare wrote his plays?

How do people know he did it?


how did Auggie's mood (from the book called Wonder by R.J. Palacio) change from the beginning to the end?

How did Auggie change/develop throughout the book?

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