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The correct way to write a number line for word problem.

Emily runs 18 miles per week. Yesterday she ran 5 miles. Today she ran 3 more. How many miles does Emily have left to run?


Can we put numbers on a vertical number line

On my homework we are suppose to put 7 numbers on a number line  


What two numbers are located 5/8 of a unit from 1/6 on a number line

What two numbers are located 5/8 of a unit from 1/6 on a number line confusing problem ;/


Can you solve this? Debbie recorded the length of 4 peices of ribbon of different lengths.Rhe total is 19 feet.

Debbie recorded the length of 4 peices of ribbon


2 quadratic inequation questions

i dont understand this topic at all could you give me a rule to follow for these q's   n^2 - b > or equal to 0   3x^2 < or equal to 7x - 4


Finding the point on a number line

In the figure below, B lies between A and C. Find the location of B so that AB is 1/3 of AC.  A=-7 C=26 B=?


Finding the midpoint

Suppose that W and X are points on the number line. If WX=13 and X lies at −5, where could W be located? If there is more than one location, separate them with commas.


On line segment AD, AC is 2/3 of AD and BD is 3/4 of AD. What fraction of AD is BC?

It is a fraction question. I'm not very sure how to solve it but i know that the answer is 5/12. Please help, thank you. 


How do you do this?

An employment agency sells its services to companies for a fixed rate of $2,500 plus a commission of 42% of its sales. To cover the agency's expenses, it needs to earn at least $8,800 a month.Write... more


3x+7Less or Equal To-11 showin on an number line



Mia plant is 27 inches tall. Draw a point for Mia plan on a number line

need to create a number line for this.


Solve the inequality

-4-2x (less than or equal to symbol) -6(-3x-8)-7x


Need help using a number line

Mr. Martin ate 4/8 of his pie and Mary ate 3/4 of hers. Who ate more pie? Solve using a number line


Using a number line, graph the solution of p+2<-3 or p-7>9

No further details


Open or close circle

How do you determine if your graph inequalities is open or close circle on a number line


please help me with this problem ?

Which two number does 61 lie betweenon a number line?


3-5x _> 2x + 7

I need to somehow graph x on a number line. This is confusing because the numbers dont divide well into eachother 


How many fractions are equivalent to 4/5?

How many fractions are equivalent to 4/5? Explain.


how do you use a number line to do -1.3-(-2.4)?

tHIS Is in a winter mathpacket. It says to use a number line to solve this promblem and to consider it.


when working on the number line for divison does the divisor always repesent the hops? 5x3=15. therefore the4 number line would show 5 hops of 3?

Does the divisor always represent the hops in division? 5x3=15;Therefore you would se 5 hops of 3?

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