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how do you graph 2<p<6

how do you graph this type of inequality

What is the distance between two points (-10,-2) and (6,-2)

It about graphs and negative 

Algebra II HW Questions (Please show step by step and explain)

4. Graph the area bounded by  y< 1/2x+6, X+3y>=12,  X>=0 and x<=12   part i. graph the bounded by X>=0 and x<=12. shade the region that satisfies both inequalites    part ii.... more

Graphing Inequalities when variables cancel out?

Do I graph on a number line when variables cancel out in an inequality if the statement is true? And if I do, then how would I put the inequality on a number line?   For example, this true... more

How do you do this?

An employment agency sells its services to companies for a fixed rate of $2,500 plus a commission of 42% of its sales. To cover the agency's expenses, it needs to earn at least $8,800 a month.Write... more

Graph the linear inequality by shading the feasibility region 8x-3y≤ 12

Can someone explain the formula I should use ?

inequalities and graph

please help me on this inequalities and graph on the graph line   7<-3n+1 solve to graph on the graph line and the solution set

inequalities and graph the solution set

solve and graph the solution set   -2(d+5)<less than equal to-1(d+7) please help me to solve and graph on the graph line

solve inequalities and graph

please help me to solve inequalities and graph the solution set   -15c+28>133 solve and graph on the graph line

need help to solve inequalities and graph the solution

2(-4s+2)>equal-5s-10  I need to solve and graph the solution

solve inequality graphically

1           2 —x+12>—x+8 3           3


-7/10 less than or equal to 2x - 4

Graph this inequality y>-3x-2

Please explain how you did it because I don't get it.  

Graphing inequalities help please!!

For a field trip to the museum, the science club can purchase individual tickets for $4 each or a group pass for $160. How many club members are necessary for it to be cheaper to buy a group pass... more

factor the trinomial a^2+4ap-32p^2

1.factor the trinomial a^2+4ap-32p^2   2. solve the inequality. Graph the solution set and write it in interval notation |x| greater then equal to 12    3.Reduce the rational. Express to lowest... more


Find and graph the solution set of the inequality

graphing inequalities

Steve is trying to decide what to put on his MP3 player. Audio books are 3 hours long and songs are 2.5 minutes long. Steve wants no more than 4 audio books on his MP3 player, but at least ten... more

need help solving this inequality -4 = 3 + 7x < 24 , I need to show work and graph it

-4 ≤ 3 + 7x < 24 I need to show all work and graph it

How do I solve inequality and graph them


How do I Graph the system of inequality

How do I graph the following x + y > 2x - y < 2

Graphing Inequalities Please help...

Graph the following system of inequalities. Assume that the relationship between the inequality statements is an intersection.  2y-x is greater than or equal to -7. 2y+3x is less than or equal to... more

What is the ordered pair for the solution to the inequality y <= -2x + 10?

My answer is (0, -4). Am I right?

the type of boundary line and shading for the graph of the inequality -2x - y >= -8

 y = 2x + 8  I know it's going to be above the line and it is going to be dashed, but I don't know how to find the origin. Does it included the origin or does not include the origin?

-51=k/-13 find k

I'm trying to help my son and now I need help. 

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