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when I plug it in the calculator the answer has an E in it.

Simplify this answer

−5y-5(−5z+6y)+3z   please explain the answer also please 

Simplify this fraction

simplify sqrt20k^2m  (all of the numbeRs are under the radical. please break it down and explain it. 

Please verify my work.

4x5-6+(5-2)2=? (4x5)-6+(3)2=? 20-6+9=? 14+9=23

ten kids each order a scoop of icecream 5 of the kids add sprinkles 3 add nuts and 2 add nothing extra

Simplify an expression that represents cost.  Ice cream x dollars Sprinkles .25 Hot fudge .75 Whipped cream .50 Nuts .35



help please

Simplify these expressions:   A) {(2x^2y^3)÷(3xy^4)}^2   B) {(x^3y^-2)÷(x^-1y^5)}^-1

How do I simplify v24x^3y^11

I'm very confused about how to separate the variables, and the numbers, or when to move stuff to the outside of the radical.

simplify the expression

i need help i dont know where to start, i need to simplify the expression   −3(??^3−??)+2(??^2+??)+3(??^3−2??)

(3 t-2)(7 t-4) equals At^2+Bt+C

(3 t-2)(7 t-4) equals At^2+Bt+C where A equals: where B equals: where C equals:

simplify (6z+4y-2y)(z+5z-2y)

how would i simplify this expression (6z+4y-2y)(z+5z-2y)

what is the rabbit population in the forest?

In the absence of predators, the rabbit population in a forest has grown to 5^6 over the past 5 years. What is the rabbit population in the forest?

simplify expression

2 x 8a + 2 +4b x 3 + 2a - 5a x 3 + 4/2   simplify this expression

Simplify the expression


what is the formula of a perimeter on a triangle

it is about perimeter and area problems. I don't really know how to do it and its really hard.

help solving equation

  would you please let me know if this was solved correctly            r^2 - 7r + 12   divided    r^2 - 7r + 12                r + 4                      r^2 + 6r + 8    = (r -3)(r -4)   ... more

help simplify expressions ans solve equations 1/x-2

 Please help simplify and solve       1. ___1          +    2x       =     __x___       x - 2             (x-2)(x-8)       2(x-8)           2.  (m^2 + 2m + 1/m^3 + 3m^2 + 3m + 1)  ... more

Help in simplifing expressions and solving equations

Simplify the expressions and solve the equations:     1.  v^2 + v - 12/v^2 + 6v + 8 ÷  2v - 6/v + 2             v^2 + v - 12       ÷      2v -... more

Did I simplify this expression correctly?

  Did I simplify this expression correctly?               (x - 2) (3x + 5)                                                                             3x                    5    ... more

How do you simplify expressions using the order of operations?


Simplify rational expression

Simplify the rational expression (Show All work)   x^2-8x-48/x+4

simplify ((8a^2)/(b^9))^-1

simplify the expression: ((8a2)/(b9))-1

How do you slimply questions like -6(7k+11)

How do you simplfy questions like -6(7k+11)

-6(a+8) distributive property simplify expression

-6(a+8) need to know how to work this problem out  

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