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Write the equation of line whose x-intercept is 3 and y-intercept is -2

 I need to find an equation 


factor 6r^2-23r+12



A 1970 comic book had appreciated 10% per year and originally sold for $0.35. What will it be worth in 2020?

I thought the problem was supposed to be set up as 50 = 0.35(1 + 0.10)t but that is not working out, so clearly I must be doing something wrong. I know the answer is about $41.09 but I just can't... more


Write an absolute value inequality that represents the given interval.

Write an absolute value inequality that represents the given interval.   <--------------●                           ●               > <                                                 ... more


Solve the exponential equations, round to the nearest hundredth.



Linear Inequalities

Desiree and Mario together have $30. Mario and Scott together have $26. Desiree and Scott together have $34. What is the least amount of money any of them has  


Factor completely: 2x^2-50

Algebra 2, please factor and help. Thanks


I'm having trouble trying to figure this out and i need help.

if f(x)=3x^2 and g(x)=4x^3+1, what is the degree of (fog)(x)?


How do I factor problems with multiple exponents and operations?

Here are 2 examples of the problems I am struggling with:   16(11x-13)^2 - 25(2x+7)^2   (2x+3)^7(5x-1)^30(8x+1)^3 - (2x+3)^5(5x-1)^30(8x+1)^5


Algebra II HW Questions (Please show step by step and explain)

4. Graph the area bounded by  y< 1/2x+6, X+3y>=12,  X>=0 and x<=12   part i. graph the bounded by X>=0 and x<=12. shade the region that satisfies both inequalites    part ii.... more


Please Solve for Y: 2/y+5= -1/2y+10 +1

Please solve for y


Trick question?...Solve 6|y-5|-8>10

Answers correct? y>8, y<2 y>-8, y<-2   Are all real numbers solutions?... no Is there a solution?...  yes


algebra 2 high school

cos q=o.53 and 270degrees<q<360 find q to the nearest thousanth 


A business sells n watches, n < 75, at a price of (30-0.15n) dollars per watch. How many watches must be sold to have a revenue of $1,260?

Algebra 2 question. From Quadratic Function and vertex chapter  


Explain why log (5 • 2) is not equal to log 5 • log 2.

 How are they not equal to one another. Please explain why. Thank you!


If f(x)= x(exponent)2 +6, find f(b-2)

Please help me ive been stuck on this question for literally 20 minute, I couldn't understand it at all... 


Determine the dimensions of the department store if the length is represented by the expression 3x + 20 feet.

The area of the rectangular, concrete slab for a new department store is represented in an architectural computer layout by the expression 6x2 – 5x – 300 square feet. Determine the dimensions of... more


Equations of circles?

Find an equation of the circle that has center (-3,6) and passes through (4,-1)


Linear factors?

For the polynomial below, 3 is a zero.h(x)=x^3-9x^2+25x-21Express h(x) as a product of linear factors.
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