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Homework Due Tomorrow Math Geometry Probability


Probability (GEOMETRY)

A meeting takes place between a diplomat and fourteen government officials. However, four of the officials are actually spies. If the diplomat gives secret information to ten of the attendees at... more
Homework Due Tomorrow


if 6 more than a number, n, is 12 less than twice that number, what is the value of the number

i dont know the answer but i would love to find out
Homework Due Tomorrow Algebra 1 Algebra Algebra Problem Solving


The denominator of a fraction is 24 more than the numerator. The value of the fraction is 1/3. Find the numerator and denominator

 The denominator of a fraction is 24 more than the numerator. The value of the fraction is 1/3. Find the numerator and denominator
Homework Due Tomorrow Math Geometry Word Problems


Help! Statement and Reasons

We have angle 1: 2n+15 and angle 2: 3n-5. They both add up to 90 degrees. Prove that n=16 using statements and reasons. Give all possible answers. Thank you! Example: Statement- angle 1 is 2n+15... more
Homework Due Tomorrow Maths


Home work help

In a fruit punch drink, the 3 ingredients are apple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice. If 1/3 of the drink is apple juice and 1/2 is orange juice then write the ratio of cranberry juice to... more
Homework Due Tomorrow


Algebra II: Word Problem #1

There are five main characters in a screenplay, and the writer wants to do scenes with every pair. The writer also wants to do scenes with every group of three characters, as well as scenes with... more
Homework Due Tomorrow


Algebra II: Word Problem #2

There is an election for two open positions in an organization: president and vice-president. There are 380 ways it could turn out. How many people are up for those spots?
Homework Due Tomorrow


how do you annotate

i dont know how to annotate  


Percentage of cartoons with the 68-95-99.7 rule

Milk cartons are filled by a machine. The mean volume of a carton of milk is μ = 1.0 quart and thestandard deviation is σ = 0.06 quart. Assume that the volume of milk in the cartons is... more
Homework Due Tomorrow Statistics Question


statistics homework question

The mean weight of a sample of 201 pigs is 6.7 pounds with a population standard deviation of 1.6 pounds. Construct a 90% confident interval for the true mean of all pigs. Write a sentence... more


If sin (90- theta) = [the square root of 5] / 3, determine the value of tan theta

multiple choice Answers, a. 2/3 b. Square root of 5 / 5 c. square root of 5 / 2 d. 2 times square root of 5 / 5
Homework Due Tomorrow Continuity And Limits Calculus 1


On what domain is the function f ( x ) = 2 x^2 − 3 x + 8 continuous?

on what domain is the function f(x)=2x2-3x+8 continuous?
Homework Due Tomorrow


my son years and mine make fifty-nine. When he came to be i was 23 how old are we

Help i don't know what it is thank you.
Homework Due Tomorrow


If you roll a fair six-sided die and a fair four-sided die, what is the probability that the dice add to 6 of higher

I don't know how to do this problem. Can you help me? Thanks
Homework Due Tomorrow Algebra Maths Due Tomorrow Morning


The roots of a quadratic equation x^2-8x+c=0 are the same.

find the value of c.
Homework Due Tomorrow Algebra Algebra Help Quadratic Equations


Find the value of p and the value of q

The roots of a quadratic equation x^2+px+q=0 are 3 and -2.
Homework Due Tomorrow Fsa


A circular frame that is 3 inches wide surround the mirror what is the combined area in square inches of the circular mirror and the frame

Please i need help I want a good grade for my math class I have a c I want a a if  please help 
Homework Due Tomorrow


John is trying to decide which bag of dog food to buy. The brand he wants comes in four flavors and three sizes. How many choices are there?

Help me with my home please.
Homework Due Tomorrow Calculus Derivatives Second Derivative


Second derivative

Find the second derivative d2y/dx2 of the function defined implicitly by the equation.x1/3 + y1/3 = 94d2y/dx2 = ___________


Differentials to find approximate amount of paint

A coat of paint of thickness 0.06 cm is to be applied uniformly to the faces of a cube of edge 32 cm. Use differentials to find the approximate amount of paint required for the job, correct to the... more
Homework Due Tomorrow Calculus Differential Equations


Differential of f

Let f be the function defined as follows.y = f(x) = √(9x+5)(a) Find the differential of f.Answer: dy = (9/2√(9x+5))dx(b) Use your result from part (a) to find the approximate change in y if x... more
Homework Due Tomorrow


Another Homework Question

Jessica And Jordan are 5 and 7 years old they share their pocket money in the ratio of their ages. Their Grandad gives them £36. How much does each child get
Homework Due Tomorrow


Need Help on this homework

In An Afterschool club there are 3 times more boys than girls. there are 44 pupils in total Find out how many boys there are and how many girls there are.

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