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Second Derivative Calculus Derivatives


Second derivative

Find the second derivative d2y/dx2 of the function defined implicitly by the equation.x1/3 + y1/3 = 94d2y/dx2 = ___________
Second Derivative Trigonometry Maths


second derivation of x+1\x-1

second derivation of x+1\x-1
Second Derivative Differential Equations Math Help


Help proving differential equation

I', really stuck on this one HW question:   I have to show how dC/dt = (D * (d^2C/dx^2)) + P at steady state (so when cD/dt =0)equals: (d^2C/dz^2) + (Pa^2/D C(a)) = 0 using C= C(x)/C(a) and z=x/a... more
Second Derivative Math Math Help


what are the first and second derivatives of the equation: 3x^4y^3-4x^3+7y^2-13

Pretty straight forward, but i am having trouble. You help would be much appreciated
Second Derivative


The loading distribution, w, on a beam is given by w = -36x^2 + 50x

The loading distribution, w, on a beam is given by w = -36x^2 + 50x where x is the distance in meter from one end of the beam. find the value of x at which maximum loading occurs using the second... more
Second Derivative Calculus Derivative


Finding the Min & Max of a function

Question: "for the following functions, determine the locations of relative extrema, either minimum or maximum, and find their values"   for k(x)=(ln3x)/(2x^2)   The process I use is to first... more
Second Derivative Calculus Derivative


second derivatives

Using the second order derivative equation: ( (d2y)/(dx2) )-9y=o   Which of the following would be true?   y= e3x   y=e-3x   y=2e-3x   y=xe3x  
Second Derivative Calculus 2 Calculus 1


Find all values of A so that y=sin(Ax) is a solution to ((d^2)y)/(d(x^2))+9y=0, A constant.

calculus question, PLEASE HELP.
Second Derivative Calculus Derivative


How do I find a second derivative?

What is the second derivative for the function y=e^(6-x^2) ? Please show workings.

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