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Trigonometry Law of Cosines Ship Bearings PLS HELP ASAP

"A boat race runs along a triangular course marked by buoys A, B, and C. The race starts with the boats headed west for 3700 meters. The other two sides of the course lie to the north of the first... more
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CAN SOMEONE PLEASEE HELP ME.. it’ll be greatly appreciated🙏🏽

A plane (p) flies 250km on a bearing of 050•(degrees) from the airport A.1) How far north is it from its original position? 2) How Far East is it from its original position?if it’s possible, can... more
Bearings Math Trigonometry


CAN SOMEONE PLEASEEE HELP ME, it’ll be greatly appreciated

A fishing boat leaves port (P) and sails on a straight course. After two hours, it’s distance south of the port is 24 km and it’s distance east of the port is 7km position (F).1) Draw a diagram to... more
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Where bearings are given, they are in degrees East of North (so North is 000 ∘ , East is 090 ∘ , South is 180 ∘ and West is 270 ∘ ).

For the purposes of this exercise, assume that the Earth is flat. Eric the Explorer walks 35km on a bearing of 075 ∘ . How far East is he compared to his original position?


Another trigonometry bearing question

[2 marks] A flagpole broke in a storm. 7 metres are still sticking straight out of the ground, where it snapped, but the remaining piece has hinged over and touches the ground at a point 24 metres... more
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Trigonometry Bearing Question

A sailing boat sails south for 117 km, then on a bearing of 051° until it is due east of its starting point. How far is the boat from its starting point?


Bearings Question (finding distance travelled)

A ship travel on a bearing of 150oT for 25km before changing direction to 050oT and travelling a further 15km. How far south is the ship from it's starting position. (State answer correct to 2... more


Algebraic Trigonometric Question

A man walks in a direction of N(x)E degrees along a road AB. He turns clockwise through an angle of x/2+5 degrees at B, and walks along a road BC until, when at C he turns through a further angle... more
Bearings Trigonometry


Trigonometry solving problems

A ship sails 300km on a bearing of 078 how far north has the ship sailed

Ship leaves a port at N50°E at 15 knots, then turns 80° southeast 2 hours later. After three hours at 20 knots, what is the bearing of the ship?

Full question: A a ship leaves a port with a bearing of N50°E at a speed of 15 knots. After 2 hours the ship turns 80° southeast. After three hours at a speed of 20 knots, what is the bearing of... more


How far west has it travelled from its starting point?

If a plane flies on a bearing of 240° T for a distance of 680km. How far west has it travelled from its starting point
Bearings Trigonometry


a bush walker walks 14km east and then 9km south. find the bearing of his finishing position from his starting point

a bush walker walks 14km east and then 9km south. find the bearing of his finishing position from his starting point


The bearing of C from D is 210°. Find the bearing of D from C

There is no details on this question


A speed boat travels 80 km on a bearing of 048°. Find how far east of its starting point the speed boat is, correct to two decimal places.

i have a math test tomorrow and im so confused with how to do bearings if someone could help would be great 
Bearings Trigonometry


Jenny walks 4km on a bearing 052. She changes direction and walks 5km to finish due east of her starting point. Find how far Jenny is from her ftarting point

Please help with this question. Full working if possible. Thanks!

Bearing problems & Airplane problems

A woman looks at a plane flying directly at her at a constant height and a speed. The plane is traveling 400mph. She first sees the plane at an angle of elevation of 6 degrees with the horizontal.... more


Which formula am I supposed to use to find the distance from each station to the fire?

Two fire lookout stations are 10 miles apart, with station B directly east of station A. Both stations spot a fire. The bearing of the fire from station A is N25°E and the bearing of the fire from... more


Bearings - Size of the angle

I know that N ane E is 90º between each other but what is S and ESE? Apparently it's 67º30', I don't understand it, please help me!


Please answer each one, trig word problems involving law of sines and law of cosines and bearings, please help ASAP

1) Two people are 3.21 miles apart and both spot a hot air balloon. One person observes the balloon at an angle of elevation of 25 degrees and the other observes the balloon at an angle of... more


Law of Cosines and bearings word problems PLEASE HELP ASAP

1) Two planes fly from a point A. The angle between their two flight paths is 42 degrees. one plane has flown 35 miles from point A and the other has flown 20 miles from point A. How far apart are... more


pre calc BEARING problems, multiple questions, please answer ASAP, I am very confused

1)The bearing from A to B is 40°. Determine the bearing of A from B.  2) If the beating from A to B is 120 degrees. Determine the bearing of A from B. 3) Describe in words what the bearing "N20... more
Bearings Trigonometry


A boat sails from A in the direction 125 degrees for 40km. It then sails along 210 degrees for 100km. Find the distance between A and its final destination.

I'm assuming these angles are from North. Also tried drawing it but i still cant get the answer.
Bearings Trigonometry


Bearing question

A man observes a tree on a bearing of 68 degrees and a statue on a bearing of 150 degrees. The distance between the tree and the statue is 180m. Show all information on a sketch. Calculate the... more

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