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help with Literature story of Antegone

In Ode 1 of Antigone what does the Chorus describe as teh greatest wonder of the world     a.  statescraft b. words c.  man d.  the ability to cultivate crops   thanks
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if me daughter is taken over the counter benadryl will a failed test come

we are sacred and don't know if she passed or not so we have been looking for an answer for 5 hours.so can ya'll please help use our daughter is a straight a honor roll student and we would really... more


Margarita: ¡A las cinco y ______! ¿Por qué tan temprano?

Susana: Sí, y también ________ que desayunar a las siete. (1 points)¡Wujuu! Hace ____________ aquí en las aguas tropicales. (1 points)Hola, Susana. _________ Pablo. ¿Qué tal? (1... more
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I need help on my home work in liner programing from Quantitative business methods I do not know how to do anything

I need help on doing my homework for liner programing find the following constraints   a. 4A + 2B less than or equal to 16 b. 4A + 2B  greater than or equal to 16 c. 4A + 2B + 16
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Find a quadratic model for a set of values?

We went over this in class but I didn't get it?   Can someone help?  

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