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Ideal Gas Law Chemistry


I don't understand how to start my chemistry problem

okay, so I might be doing something wrong, but I'm not even sure where to start with the 1st problem, but I worked out the second one and just need to know if I got the right answer for it(and what... more
Ideal Gas Law Chemistry


I have 2 problems in chemistry that I cannot figure out.

We started a new section in Chemistry and it doesn't make any sense to me, I've tried them both over 4 times and still can't figure them out.Problem one- A 0.825 g sample of sulfur hexafluoride gas... more
Ideal Gas Law Chemistry


What is the pressure of 1.12 moles of gas at 282K in a 23.2L container?

Ideal Gas Law Chemistry


In this experiment is it necessary to decompose all of the KClO₃? Why or why not?

I really need help with this Ideal gas law lab
Ideal Gas Law Chemistry Combined Gas Law


When a sample of a gas at a pressure of 200 kPa and constant volume is heated from 30° ° C to 80° ° C, the pressure will be:

A) 172kPaB) 75 kPaC) 233 kPaD) 101.3 kPaE) 533 kPa


Honors Chemistry Help

Phosphorous combines in several different forms. The density of a phosphorous vapor at 310 celsius and 101.3kPa is 2.64g/L. What is the molecular formula of phosphorous? A 2.650g sample of a gas... more
Ideal Gas Law Chemistry


Chemistry problems

If I have 37 moles of gas at a pressure of 91 kPa and at a temperature of 126 0C, what is the volume of the container that the gas is in?If I contain 3 moles of gas in a container with a volume of... more
Ideal Gas Law Chemistry


You have 4.9 moles of a gas at STP, what volume does it take up?

Ideal Gas Law


Ideal Gas Equation

When an evacuated glass vessel weighing 134.74g was filled with an unknown gas Y the pressure was found to be 99.3kNm-2 at 31•C, while the mass was 137.28 g. The glass vessel was then filled... more
Ideal Gas Law


25.9g of carbon monoxide is under a pressure of 123.9 mmhg and a temperature of 34.5 defrees Celsius. What volume does this gas occupy?

This is a 9th grade science quest and the answer is needed ASAP


Compare Quantitatively

Two containers of the same volume are evaluated. Container 1 is maintained at a temperature of 400 K and filled with oxygen gas to a pressure of 750 mm Hg. Container 2 is maintained at a... more


Calculate the mol fraction

A 2.50L container at 17.0 °C contains a mixture of three gases, N2, He, and CO2, at partial pressure of 0.32 atm, 0.25 atm and 0.4 atm respectively.    a) calculate the total pressure of the gas... more
Ideal Gas Law Physics


ideal gas law - physics

A monatomic ideal gas expands from point A to point B along the path shown in the figure. What is the change in internal energy of the gas during the process? (The horizontal axis is marked in... more
Ideal Gas Law


i need help solving for volume

A sample of oxygen occupies 11.0 mL under a pressure of 100 kPa at a temperature of 15 °C. What volume will it occupy under at 25 °C
Ideal Gas Law Chemistry


Ideal gas problem- chemistry.

A flask of fluorine gas is connected to the manometer below ( image of mercury manometer not shown) at 29 degrees C. Calculate the pressure in atm, the molar volume, and the density of the flask if... more
Ideal Gas Law


Organic Chemistry Question

A sample of argon gas at a pressure of 0.894 atm and a temperature of 199 °C, occupies a volume of 853 mL. If the gas is heated at constant pressure until its volume is 998 mL, the temperature of... more


Ideal gas law problem?? - CHEMISTRY

What is the temperature of methane gas (CH4) if 4.78 mol of gas are collected in 9.2 L at 789 torr?    PV=nRT   All help is greatly appreciated!!   Here is what I was thinking.. but I am not... more
Ideal Gas Law Math Physics Math Help


Physics: ideal gas law, pressure

If a contained ideal gas decreases the volume by a factor of two and then triples the temperature, what happens to the pressure?   a. It goes up by a factor of 2 b. It goes up by a factor of... more
Ideal Gas Law Physics Energy


Ideal gas, potential energy help

Let us consider an ideal gas in a gravitational field which is uniform with strength g. The gas is trapped in a highly realistic h=10km vertical column of height h with perfectly insulating walls.... more
Ideal Gas Law


If 1$ is equivalent to 0.77 euros, find the number of euros equivalent to $20

 If 1$ is equivalent to 0.77 euros, find the number of euros equivalent to $20

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