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Factoring Quadratic Equations Word Problem Help Asap Please


Factoring Quadratic equations

The volume of a sandbox is 48ft^3. The height of the sandbox is 2 feet. The width is w feet and the length is w+2 feet. Use the formula V=lwh to find the volume of w
Factoring Quadratic Equations


Factoring Quadratics

The product of a number and a number increased by three is 28. Find the two numbers
Factoring Quadratic Equations


Quadratic equations by factoring

how to solve the following quadratic equation by factoring x^2 + 9 = 0
Factoring Quadratic Equations


how to factor this quadriatic expression

Factoring Quadratic Equations


Which Number to Use When Factoring

In the example problem 4u2 + 12u = -5 I rearrange the equation to be 4u2 + 12u +5 = 0. The next step is to factor, but I would like to know when i should use (4u+1)(u+5)=0 instead of... more
Factoring Quadratic Equations


factoring quatratic equations

An object is thrown upward from the top of aa 128128?-foot building with an initial velocity of 112112 feet per second. The height h of the object after t seconds is given by the quadratic equation... more
Factoring Quadratic Equations


Please help i am on a life or death dead line

The height h in feet of the ball kicked into the air can be modeled by h=-16t^2 + 48t, where t is time in seconds. Find the time it takes the ball to reach 36 feet above groun
Factoring Quadratic Equations


If the area of square is multiplied by 9, the area becomes 49 . Find the length of the side.

i really need help because i am on a life or death dead line right now plz help somebody and if you could show work to that would be amazing
Factoring Quadratic Equations


The length of a rectangle is 3 times the width. The area is 75 cm^2. What is the length? With steps please.

 This question is in the chapter eight of my algebra book and it has to do with factoring polynomials and monomials. I would also like to get the steps to because i want to learn how to do the... more
Factoring Quadratic Equations Math Algebra Quadratic Equations


Find 3 consecutive integers?

Find three consecutive integers such that the product of the first and the third exceeds the product of 8 and the second by 32...   
Factoring Quadratic Equations


whats the factors of (x+8)(x+5)

need an answer im confused on how to do this
Factoring Quadratic Equations


How to factor

I need help with this question   20w^2+11w-3
Factoring Quadratic Equations


Factors of 9m^2+20m+104 = to

factors of 9m^2+20m+104=
Factoring Quadratic Equations


Solve using factoring

Factoring Quadratic Equations Algebra Maths Algebra Equation


Factorising an algebra equation

Factorise (a2 - a - 12)x2 + (2a2 - 4)x + a2 + a   How is this even possible?!?
Factoring Quadratic Equations


1.) m² + 7m - 51/4=0 and this one?,,, 2.) r² + 4r = -1 ?..

help~!!...can anyone please me to my homework?, how  I'll find the solutions of each following quadratic equations by completing the square?
Factoring Quadratic Equations Factoring


1.) 4s² + 9 =12s ? and this x²-14=5x ?

how can I solve these equations?
Factoring Quadratic Equations Factoring


what is .... 1.)11r + 15 = -2R² ....and ...2.) 6s² + 18s=0 ??

how's this equation? and what it would be?
Factoring Quadratic Equations Factoring


1.) 81 - 4x² =0 and this ,,, 2.) x² -25=0 ?

can anyone please explain this to me? ...
Factoring Quadratic Equations Factoring


1.) x²-10x+25=0 ,,,,,,,and 2.) h²+6h=16 ,,,,,,,,and this 3.) x²-14=5x ???

Hello ,Ma'am/Sir....can anyone please explain this to me and how can I solve this quadratic equations by Factoring?
Factoring Quadratic Equations Factoring


1.) x² + 7x =0 ,,,,,,2.) 6s² + 18s = 0,,,,,,3.) t² + 8t +16 =0 ?????

Hello...can anyone please help me to solve this...the following quadratic equations by Factoring?,,,Thank you in advance~~
Factoring Quadratic Equations


how do u factor something when there is a number in front of the x squared term?

for example the problem.....   5a2+43a+56
Factoring Quadratic Equations


I tired this and I don't know if I'm doing it right but I got no solutions

A ball is bounced off the ground at time t=0, and it's height afterward is given (in cm) by the formula: h(t)-490t2+ 1470t where t is measured in seconds.   A. Write an equation to find when the... more
Factoring Quadratic Equations


find the dimensions of a rectangle

Help with solving the equation. the length of a rectangle is 4 yards less than three times the width and the area of the rectangle is 55 yards squared find the dimensions of the rectangle
Factoring Quadratic Equations


can you factorise 65x^2+130x+65=0

Please answer this question im stuck

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