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Economics 100


Calculate Opportunity Cost

Jack consumes only shoes and socks. If Jack spends his entire budget on shoes, he can buy 9 pairs of shoes. If Jack spends his entire budget on socks, he can buy 72 pairs of socks. What is the... more
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How do I calculate interest rates?

what is the interest rate given on a simple loan of 12000 given: Principal 1200, Interest rate 5.5, Time 6 years
Economics 100


a country has doubled its income in 14 years. what has been the average annual rate of growth?

I found the equation: (1+x)^14= 2 just wondering how to find out the x value


PLEASE HELP me with this intro to ECONOMICS question? IM STUCK!

On April 1, the price of gas at Bob’s Corner Station was $3.50 per gallon. On May 1, the price was $4.00 per gallon. On June 1, it was back down to $3.50 per gallon.Between April 1 and May 1, Bob’s... more
Economics 100


CPI in a country was 125 in 2004 and 140 in 2005. The inflation rate between the two years is: A) 10.7 B) 26.5 C) 15 D) 12

This is an economic question, I can't seem to answer, and I need an explaination as how the answer was reached. Thank you

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