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Argument English Essay Ap Lang


"We are all victims, Anselmo. Our destinies are decided by a cosmic roll of the dice, the winds of the stars, the vagrant breezes of fortune that blow from the windmills of the gods."

What does this quote mean and how do I take a position on it for an argument? Additionally, what are some examples to support the argument.
Argument English Essay


Can I use the word "I" in an argument essay if the prompt is asking what I would do in a situation?

The prompt for my essay states " Imagine you've been asked to host a leadership workshop for your workplace, division, or community group. How would you use the examples of leadership shown in this... more
Argument English Work Essay


does this argumentive essay look good? it is about euthanasia (the right to die)

 The argument I have picked is Euthanasia. An argument against the right to die. I don't see how my case proves against undoing attention. I do not draw any conclusion on the argument. The... more
Argument English Vocabulary


What is the right word for this?

So let's say there's an argument about whether or not punching a dog is okay and I wish to participate in the argument from a stand point where I only believe it's acceptable in certain situations.... more

Crime rates have increased exponentially because of the unusually high temperatures of summer. The flawed logic in this statement exemplifies

Crime rates have increased exponentially because of the unusually high temperatures of summer.The flawed logic in this statement exemplifies  a. post hocb. slippery slopec. false dichotomyd. hasty... more



So, there is a viral equation going around and everyone is arguing about who is right on Facebook. This is the funniest thing. There are two answers: 6 and 24. Please, solve the equation... more


Write the complex number in polar form

4-3i   Express in 0 less than theta less than 360
Argument English Rebuttal


Which of these statements would provide a possible rebuttal to this statement?

Question 6   Consider Michelle Obama's comment to parents on the launch anniversary of the Let's Move program: "We know that kids are like little sponges they soak up everything they see and... more
Argument English


One of the elements an argument begins with is

    One of the elements an argument begins with is (10 points)    A)strong evidence B)an interesting interpretation  C)a well thought out claim  D)passionate emotion   I think the answer... more

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