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At a certain temperature, the Kp for the decomposition of H2S is 0.795. H2S(g) <--> H2(g) + S(g)

Hello everybody I have been struggling with this problem and was wondering if somebody could help and explain it to me?At a certain temperature, the Kp for the decomposition of H2S is 0.795. H2S(g)... more

At what Kelvin temperature will the reaction proceed 3.00 times faster than it did at 339 K?

Help I'm struggling with this. A certain reaction has an activation energy of 29.83 kJ/mol. At what Kelvin temperature will the reaction proceed 3.00 times faster than it did at 339 K? 

What is the number of formula units in a 5.88 mol sample of Ca2O?

What is the number of formula units in a 5.88 mol sample of Ca2O?

Give the units for the rate constants for the following rate law

Give the units for the rate constants for the following rate law:Rate = k[A]/[B].Taking into account that sometimes the other concentration units may be used (e.g. NIST Chemical Kinetics Database... more

1.40 g H2 is allowed to react with 10.0 g N2, producing 2.44 g NH3.

Part AWhat is the theoretical yield in grams for this reaction under the given conditions? Part BWhat is the percent yield for this reaction under the given conditions?

Hi, These are the classes I could take for my last semester of College. Which one of these classes would be less hard & stressful?

ASTM 101 - Astronomy BIOL 100 - Exploring Biology ENVS 101 - Introduction to Environmental Science CHEM 100 - Chemistry and Its Role in Society ERSC 121 - Physical Geology ARSC 103 - Natural Science

write each of these values as a regular number

a.  8.5 x 104g, the mass of air in an average room   b.  2.1 x 108 gallons, the volume of crude oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010   c.  5.0 x 10-3%, the concentration of CO in the air... more

Finding how high a column of water in meters can be with the density of water and mercury

I'm struggling to understand what the question is asking me and what concepts it is trying to test...    If the density of water is 1.00g/mL and the density of mercury is 13.6g/mL, how high a... more

help with chemistry please!

In the reaction 2KClO3(s) --> 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g)How many liters of oxygen gas at STP are produced from 17.4 g of... more

Chemistry Question

Using experimental values, place the first ionization energies in order from least amount of energy to greatest amount of energy input required: sodium, silicon, magnesium, aluminum

Which element would be used up first if only methionine was made?

In a substance that has 120 moles of Hydrogen, 2 moles of carbon, 58 moles of oxygen, 1 mole of nitrogen, and 1 mole of sulphur

I figured out the reaction table and the mass of Ag2Cro4 but I don't know how to find the molar concentration of the reamining excess reactant?

Complete a reaction table in millimoles for the reaction of 33.4 mL of 0.9500 M Ag1+ and 20.3 mL of 1.0400 M CrO42-. What mass in grams of Ag2CrO4 forms? 5.27 What is the molar concentration of... more

If the temperature of argon gas is 400 K and the average velocity of argon is twice that of radon what is the temperature of radon gas?

The answer key says it is 555 K. How do I approach this question? 

molarity question

after a student placed 20.0g of chromiu in 200ml of a H2SO4 solution she collected 2.8 L of H2 gas at 96.5 kPa and 25 C(Celsius). what was the concentration of the H2SO4  solution if she reported a... more

How many grams of [Co(NH3)5H2O]Cl3 will be produced?

2 CoCl2·6H2O + 2NH4Cl + 8NH3 + H2O2 --> 2 [Co(NH3)5H2O]Cl3 + 12 H2O   When 1.00 g of CoCl2·6H2O reacts with 0.7 g of NH4Cl, 3.0 mL of 15 M NH4OH and 3.0 mL of 10.% H2O2, how many grams of... more

Determine the K, Equilibrium Constant

Determine the K(Equilibrium constant) for the salt NH4CN. 

Writing a balanced net ionic equation 2

Write a balanced net ionic equation (no spectator ions) for the reaction that occurs when NaH2PO4 reacts with : a strong base = a strong acid =

Writing a balanced chemical reaction

An aqueous solution of be2+ is slightly acidic. Write a balanced chemical reaction that shows why. (Note: Be2+ is surrounded by four water molecules when it is in solution)

Determine the K salt

Determine the K salt for the salt NH4CN.

finding the conjugate base and acid of salts

State a reasonable salt that would be a conjugate for the acid or base listed below. The counter ion should be neutral. Quinoline,C9H7N                 conjugate : HPO4^2-                  ... more

What is the molecular formula of SxFy ?

General formula : SxFy One of the compound is 25.23%S. If you place 0.0955 of the compound in a 89 mL flask at 45 degree celcius, the pressure of the gas is 83.8mmHg. What is the molecular formula ?

Using a Manometer to Measure Gas Pressure PROBLEM

If the gas inside the flask in the above exercise is cooled so that its pressure is reduced to a value of 715.7 torr what will be the height of the mercury in the open-end arm? (Hint: The sum of... more

How can I find the pH of a solution of NaHCO3?

Is there a way to find pH of such partially neutralised poly basic weak acid solutions which act both as an acid and base? Also how can I find the pH of NH4Ac solution? Is it possible to derive the... more

Lewis Structure problem

I AM SO CONFUSED WITH THIS ONE CHOICES ARE 3,4,5,6,7   Phosphorus oxychloride has the chemical formula POCl3, with P as the central atom. In order to minimize formal charge, how many bonds does... more

Chemistry Finding the unknown concentration of the unknown solution?

a 33.00 mL sample of an H2SO4 solution of unknown concentration is titrated with a 0.1222 M KOH solution A volume of 40.22 mL of KOH was required to reach the equivalence point.   What is the... more

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