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Hey , can someone help me do this ? Moles , Chemistry

How many per gram 3.01 ● 10 22 molecules of nitric acid?What is the volume of 2,408 ● 10 24 molecules of oxygen?How Many Molecules are in 112 dm3 of Hydrochloride?How many grams is 134.4 dm3 of... more

Calculate Moles and Volume

Given the following amounts of gasses, calculate the number of moles of each gas. Calculate the volume of each amount of gas would occupy at 100°C and 15atm. a. 5.8g NH₃b. 48g O₂c. 10.8g He

determine the mass of each sample

1.16 mmol carbon disulfide


determine the mass of the sample

1.48 mol carbon tetrafluoride 

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