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How does a student with ADHD learn best?

College Chemistry Drawing The Structures for IUPAC Names

Draw the Condensed or Expanded structure formula for the following  4- bromo – 2-pentanone     Propyl ethanoate     2-chloro propanamine


How do I avoid a “mid-story info dump?”?

I am revising the manuscript for a novel. About a third into the story, a major turning point occurs when the main character (through whom the reader follows the story) realizes that things are not... more
Structure Writing Plot Fiction


Would it be wise to make the turning point of a story coincidental?

I've written a fictional story and the way my characters are coming together and forming a bond seems way too coincidental to me.>A lady lives on the first floor while her tenant, a guy, lives... more
Structure Writing Plot Fantasy


What's a typical trilogy structure?

Is there a typical structure for a fantasy trilogy?To be more specific, would they usually follow the three-act structure, with an act per book? And would each book need a self-contained story arc... more
Structure Grammar Rules Sentence


What's wrong with "We hope you will find our Qualifications to be well-organized, concise, and most of all, to exceed your expectations."?

Why is the following sentence grammatically incorrect?> We hope you will find our Qualifications to be well-organized, concise, and most of all, to exceed your expectations.I've asked three... more


Dashes vs. Commas vs. parentheses?

Occasionally I write sentences containing subparts with extra information. I never know how to block off this information from the rest of the sentence. Three ways I have seen are dashes, commas,... more

How to simplify a sentence so that a younger audience can understand it?

I have the following sentence:> Pocket squares are a standout amongst the most vital apparatuses for a> man of style. It's important to have the correct pocket square for the> correct... more


How can I write easier with a learning disability?

I've been writing stories since Elementary School but was diagnosed with a reading comprehension disability in High School. I was labeled as a visual learner.Currently I'm writing articles for... more


Need help with the sentence structure for my pitch, thanks!?

Back story: I am to give a 3 minute pitch on a task i worked on. I would like to something like, "**As a general knowledge, we know that smartphones are dominated by IOS and android. Which is why... more


Plot the horizontal shear stress distribution diagram for the beam section shown below at a point where the shear force is 100KN.

link for the image is.    http://i59.tinypic.com/2n6u0l4.png

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