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How to make these? (OOP Java)

Program will print a selection screen where the user can choose the operation he/she wants to perform. The selection screen will be repeated after each selection until the staff type the number 4... more

Can someone do me this project? (Java)

The project description:As a programmer, you have been asked to write a Java application, using OOP concepts, for a Hospitalwith the following requirements:The Hosptal has several employees and... more

need help with programming

How do you make a simple code that will print using loops:***************

'else' statement error in Java

I'm trying to write this code and I keep getting the error: Syntax error on token "else", delete this token. Yes, I've tried using {brackets} and pretty much everywhere I search online, it says... more

How to make these 4 classes with these information?(java)

Class1 (Person)-name: String-address:StringMethods:+Person(name: String, address : String)+getName():Stringg+getAddress():String+setAddress (address: String) : void+toString():String ---->"name... more

Find the time complexity of the following code:

for(i=1; i<=n; i++) for(j=1; j<=log(i); j++) Print "HELLO";

The 7-bit ASCII code for the character ‘T’ is: 1010100

The 7-bit ASCII code for the character ‘T’ is:1010100An even parity check bit is now appended to the end of the code so 8 bits are transmitted. What will be the transmitted code for the ASCII... more


Coding With JavaScript

How do I write a forloop?

Quadratic discriminant analysis - QDA

Write a computer program to perform a quadratic discriminant analysis by fitting a separate Gaussian model per class. Try it out on the vowel data, and compute the misclassification error for the... more
Coding C# Programming


URGENT: Problems with API in C# ASP.NET Core

I am doing an ASP.NET Core Website and have to show the list of all countries with their travel advisory scores in a table. I can't display the data using a Travel Advisory API. Each country is a... more


URGENT! Can't show data using API with C# ASP.NET Core

I am using a Travel Advisory API but am unable to show all the data. Each country is a separate key and form different classes when I paste the JSON as classes.How can I call each country class... more
Coding Python


I am looking for a tutor for python coding for my 8 year old son - are you able to teach young kids?

I am looking for a tutor for python coding for my 8 year old son - are you able to teach young kids?My son likes math and anything analyticalHe knows scratch and has dabbled in python a bit - just... more

Design a class template, Collection, that stores a collection of Objects (in an array), along with the current size of the collection.

Provide public functions isEmpty, makeEmpty, insert, remove, and contains.contains(x) returns true if and only if an Object that is equal to x ispresent in the collection.

Any help please.

Define a Rectangle class that provides getLength and getWidth. Usingthe findMax routines in implementation, write a main that creates an arrayof Rectangle and finds the largest Rectangle first on... more

Computer coding

What does this function do? float function(int x) { float result = 0.0; float sign = 1.0  for (int n = 1; n <x;n = n + 2) { result = result + sign / n; } return 4.0 *... more

Float function (computer coding)

What does this function do? float function(int n) { float result = 1.0; float factor = 1.0 + 1.0 / n for (int i = 0; i <n; ++i) { result = result * factor } return... more

Computer coding ex question

Refer to the loop starting at line 003. If the function is called with a 2 digit decimal number, how many times will the while loop execute? 001 unsigned int bitCount (int value) { 002 unsigned... more

Computer coding hw question

What sort of runtime error will occur when this program is run? void countdown () {   int i = 100;     int n = 5;   while (i > 0) { i = i -n; n = n / -1; print (i + n) ; Divide by... more

I am having difficulty on why my program cannot be outputted. Can you please tell me where I did wrong. My code is pasted below.

import hsa.Console;import java.awt.*;import java.io.*;import java.util.*;public class HangMan{ static Console c; public static void main (String []args) throws IOException { // Main Method. ... more


I need to have a functional code that can do the following requirements. My game is hangman. My question is that I don't what to start.

I need a functional program that has all the requirements:Final Programming Assignment.For the selected game, my program must provide the following features: • Player vs Computer format. • A game... more


How do you find the question mark for the part of the force exerted on the stone? The answer should include other variables

ball = sphere ( pos=vec(-2,1,0 ), m = 0.5 , alpha = 0*pi/180,#alpha = angle radius=0.02, color=color.red, make_trail=True, trail_type='points') #,interval=50,retain=50)ball.v = vec( 1,... more

I can't make a my character move when I run my javascript (Intellij), what is wrong with my code?

package movement; import processing.core.PApplet; import processing.core.PImage; public class LunasAdventures extends PApplet { PImage moth; PImage bg; public static void... more

Any java expert who knows the corecct answers for these?

Q1:charAt() is used to obtain a character at specified index?a)Trueb)FalesQ2:The java program is enclosed in a class definition ?a)Trueb)FalesQ3:The for loop repeats a set of statements a certain... more

Plz help whats the correct answers for these java questions?(part2) ASAP!!

Q21:float is the type that denotes floating-point numbers that can have fractional parts?a)Trueb)FalesQ22:instance variables that are numbers are initialized to null default value?a)Trueb)FalesQ23:... more


Online shopping cart

(1) Create three files to submit: ItemToPurchase.h - Class declaration ItemToPurchase.cpp - Class definition main.cpp - main() function Build the ItemToPurchase class with the following... more

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