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Computer Gaming


Can i play bedwars with my friend who plays on bedrock but i play on java. If so how?

Me and my friend want to play bedwars together but we dont know how to play with eachother. Is it possible to play together ? If so how?
Computer Gaming


Minecraft shaders

Can my pc run shaders if so which ones? The specs are: CPU: AMD A10-5800k 8 GB ram Graphics: Radeon HD 7660D
Computer Gaming


Educational video games

Since many educators started implementing video games in their classrooms, I would like to try them with my students, but I am not sure which ones will be more appropriate for different ages. I did... more
Computer Gaming


Which games can I play in my HP 14 notebook (Ryzen 5 3500U with Vega 8 and 6GB RAM)?

Computer Gaming Coding Roblox Studio Gaming


Roblox studio scripting and coding.

Hello to whoever is reading this, if you have used Roblox studio, not just Roblox, but Roblox studio, please answer the following question: how do you add background music for free to your Roblox... more
Computer Gaming


Whats the best ps5 game

Im getting a ps5 and wondering whats the best ps5 games to buy
Computer Gaming


Can I play 1080@120/240/300 on a gaming laptop that is 4k60?

Planning to get a gaming laptop and I have the option to go 4k60. If I go that route, can I change in the settings the resolution down to 1080 so I can play at a faster frame rate or is it locked... more


How to apply the empirical rule (68–95–99.7 rule)

How to apply the empirical rule (68–95–99.7 rule) to the following scenario:I have spent a significant amount of time trying to do the impossible (i.e., mathematically beat a game with a negative... more
Computer Gaming


Any one knows about unity

Unity has been slow for me what can I do to make it run faster
Computer Gaming Writing Game


Video game ideas

I have a great love for video games since my childhood and until now I have played hundreds of games, from time to time I write a video game idea, I write the story and the way to play, but I was... more
Computer Gaming


Gaming mechanics

If i need 3 level 1 items combined to make 1 level 2 item and then need 3 level 2 items to make 1 level 3 item, how many level 1 items would i need to make 1 level 15 item?
Computer Gaming Php


Which Game Servers Hosting Control Panel is the best?

Computer Gaming


I am making a custom gaming PC what is the best stuff I could use?

Computer Gaming


What video game has the biggest map?

Computer Gaming


Why do most video games get updated on Wednesdays?

Computer Gaming Computer Programming C# Coding


What do I need to do to get this C# code to work in Unity?

Help me!! i've just started a cert IV in Digital and Interactive Games and i'm really stumped on something. The video I've been given to watch is using an older version of Unity which included... more
Computer Gaming Test Preparation


Tell me severity of this question:

Consider the following scenario:  You are testing a mobile gaming app that allows users to play against each other over the internet.  Apart from the game itself, the main features of the app... more
Computer Gaming General Computer Pc


Is a lenovo y710 gaming cube compatible with a i7 9700k?

I have a lenovo y710 gaming cube and I've been planning to upgrade my intel i5 6400 to a i7 8700k or 9700k. The problem is that I have no idea if it's going to work and if my motherboard is... more
Computer Gaming Math Math Word Problem


You have 330 boxes each requiring a key. 15 keys can be bought for 300 gems a day. If your total boxes increase by 5 a day, how many gems will have to be spent, and how many days will have passed?

It's nothing serious. Just a question I came up with for a game I'm playing. I'm always getting these boxes in it, and I want to know how many gems would have to be spent for every box I have and... more

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