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Parameters Html Javascript Coding


Redirect to other page if there are no parameters in url, otherwise stay at current page.

I need to redirect from my website if there are no parameters in the url with javascript, html. (redirect with html,js)For example, if a page on my site was example.com/page and if there were... more


Oracle BI Publisher, select different columns by parameter?

I'm just starting with Oracle BI Publisher and I really don't know how to get along with my task. My project is to ask the user for a parameter (that's ok), and if the user chooses 01, I should... more
Parameters Equations Linear


System of linear equations

Given this system of linear equations where {a} is parameter.ax + 18y = 13a² - a5x + (a - 1)y = 15For which value of a The system will have infinitely many solutions? Step by step guide, please.

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