Stratton K.

asked • 09/11/20

Circle equation question(s)

So in this question, it is asking to graph a venn diagram with three circles. The equations I used are the followingL

E1: (x-h^2)^2+(y-k)^2=r^2

E2: (x-h)^2+(y-k)^2=r^2

E3: (x-h^1.5)^2+(y-k^2)^2=r^2.

The thing I am stuck on is when it asks me to choose two of the equations and solve as a system of equations, and how many solutions will be found when solved.

The second thing I cannot figure out is when it asks: how many solutions would you find if you were to solve all three equations as one system? How would you do this?

Thanks for any help!

Tracy D.

Some clarification please: The first 2 equations are the same circle equation (?) The last equation is unusual in that you are putting an exponent on the h and k factors... Any reason to do that verses just adjusting the values of h, k and r?


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Tracy D. answered • 09/11/20

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