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Chemistry Conversion


36.0 mol of P4O10 contains how many moles of P?

I need help solving

I have found mols of HCl and I have found mols of the unknown Metal (M). What are my next steps?

I have found the mols of the HCl solution and I have found the mols of the unknown M. I divided by the mass to get 53.89g/mol. What I did next was find the mols of NaOH by using the formula... more
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i walk at a speed of 4.50 ft/second, how many hours would it take me to travel 8.00x10^15 picometers?

I got 1.62 hours is the right ?
Chemistry Conversion


What is the density with the measurements of 5.54 cm x 10.6 cm x 19.9 dm and whose mass is 28.6kg?

 please show complete work
Chemistry Conversion


Solve the equation

How many mL of 0.18 M H2SO4 solution are needed to react completely with 11.15 g of Fe2O3 in the following reaction? Fe2O3(s) + 3H2SO4(aq) → Fe2 (SO4)3(aq) + 3 H2O(l)
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Percent yield/ Theoretical Yield

I was trying to figure out the limiting reagent of a reaction that I did in lab. The reaction is 1-phenyl ethanol that is oxidized to acetophenone using (5% aq. NaOCl (2.2 equiv)) and (HOAc (15M)).... more
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temperature conversion

A made up temperature, degrees X, has a relationship with degrees Celsius as follows. Tx=(Tc+10 degrees Celsius) (5 degrees X/ 14 degrees Celsius) The question is to convert 58 degrees X to Celsius
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What volume of 0.600 M HCl is required to neutralize 75.0 mL of 0.300 M KOH?

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How many moles of NaCl are in 255 g of a 1.24 m NaCl solution?

If you could work me through the steps, that'd be great. Thanks
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Soil Lab (trace metals)

How would I calculate the amount of each metal in my groups sample? And how do I make the values I calculate are expressed in terms of amount of metal per amount of soil? &My final answers are... more


The dosage of a medication is 5mg/kg. How many mg would be needed for a 10lb cat? If the medication concentration is 2mg/ml, how many ml would be given?

this question is for unit conversions in introductor chemistry 
Chemistry Conversion


How many grams of sodium are in 50 grams of NaBr

It is chemical quantities


Give the units for the rate constants for the following rate law

Give the units for the rate constants for the following rate law:Rate = k[A]/[B].Taking into account that sometimes the other concentration units may be used (e.g. NIST Chemical Kinetics Database... more
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how many milliliters of 0.12m NaOH are needed to completely neutralized 2.00 mL of 0.18M H2S04?

how many milliliters of 0.12m NaOH are needed to completely neutralized 2.00 mL of 0.18M H2S04?
Chemistry Conversion


Calculate the volume occupied by 16.5 of methane @STP

Calculate the volume occupied by 16.5 g of methane at STP
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A scientist measures the standard enthalpy change for the following reaction to be -821.1 kJ:

CH4(g) + 2 O2(g)CO2(g) + 2 H2O(g)Based on this value and the standard enthalpies of formation for the other substances, the standard enthalpy of formation of H2O(g) is kJ/mol.
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how many potassium atoms are in 89.3 grams of potassium carbonate

how many potassium atoms are in 89.3 grams of potassium carbonate
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How do I convert mg to μmol?

How do I convert 0.075mg into μmol?
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Which of the following is a possible equivalence that can be used in a conversion?

A. 103 kL/ 1 L B. 10-2 cL/ 1 L C. 101 L/ 1 daL D. 10-1 L/ 1 mL
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Calculate the volume of 42 kg of helium gas.

Answer is 235,200L.   ps. How do I get to the answer by using mole highway? Thx!
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Chemistry Titration

What is the molarity of NaOCl in a solution of bleach if 10.00mL requires 22.35mL of 0.02191M Na2S2O3 to reach the endpoint? Show work. Hint: Work through the I2 first.   Reaction Equations that... more
Chemistry Conversion


how do you convert the following temperatures to K. 104 C and -3 C

i was practicing and practitioner but i couldnt come up with the answer for this problem. need some help please  
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Make 250ml of a 0.15% H2O2 solution. You will be provided a 1.875% solution of H2O2.

show all calculations and explain how I would get the answer with this information. 
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calculate how many ml of 3.0% h2o2 to use to make 500ml of 1.0% h2o2.

Show all calculations
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How do you calculate molar concentration given that it is a 1:200 aqueous solution and the molecular weight is 165.23?

This is part of a question where you calculate pH given Kb and information above. I just want to know how to calculate the molar concentration of the ephedrine concentration, given that it is a... more

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