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Chemistry Conversion


what is the number of moles of solute in 250 ml of a 0.4 M solution

molarity mass for chemistry question 
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Chemistry lab help

I'm working on a lab and I need someone to explain how to calculate some of the data. If you could give me an example for each one I don't understand I would appreciate it so I can work out the... more
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What is the % Sn and % Cu in the sample?

You are given a piece of metal alloy that is made of tin and copper. If the density of the sample is found to be 8.59 g/mL what is the % Sn and % Cu in the sample?
Chemistry Conversion


Calculate the heat required to raise the temperature of 28.6 g of sodium from 33.7 °C to 73.8 °C.

help please


If the temperature of argon gas is 400 K and the average velocity of argon is twice that of radon what is the temperature of radon gas?

The answer key says it is 555 K. How do I approach this question? 
Chemistry Conversion


Marla drives her car to school each day. If it takes 12 minutes to drive one way, how many hours a week does Marla drive?

I've tried to multiply and divide all the numbers, yet all the answers I get are wrong.
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In mL, how much of 3Cu(PO4)2 and 2Na3PO4 will I need to make 10 grams of Cu3(PO4)2?

Balanced equation: 2Na3PO4(ac) + 3Cu(NO3)2(ac) = Cu3(PO4)2(s) + 6NaNO3(ac)   Na3PO4 molarity: (1.0 M) Cu(NO3)2: (5.0 M)   I don't know how to calculate how much of 2Na3PO4(ac) and... more
Chemistry Conversion


chemistry conversion

Please help thanks!   How many total atoms are there in 53.1 g of carbon monoxide (CO)?
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If I wanted to dilute a 6.2 L, 3M NaNO3 solution to make a 4.7M NaNO3 solution....

How many L of NaNO3 would I need to add?
Chemistry Conversion


Chemistry stoichiometry

if you start with 75 grams of Aluminum, how many grams of HBr would you need? 2Al+6Br->2AlBr3+3H2
Chemistry Conversion


Determine the mass of lysine needed to prepare 300. mL of a 0.150 m solution.

 Using milliliters and molality to determine mass
Chemistry Conversion


How many moles of nitrogen are in 64.3 moles of dinitrogen trioxide?

Help solve this 
Chemistry Conversion


What is the mass (in grams) of 9.56E+25 molecules of dinitrogen trioxide?

How do you do this
Chemistry Conversion


How many molecules are found in 295.3 grams of N4Cl2

need this in less than 10 minutes please
Chemistry Conversion


how many molecules are there in 3L of CCl4, at STP

how many molecules are there in 3L of CCl4, at STP
Chemistry Conversion Stoichiometry Chemical Formula


How many grams are formed?

Iron(III) oxide is formed when iron combines with oxygen in the air. How many grams of Fe2O3 are formed when 25.9 g of Fe reacts completely with oxygen? 4Fe(s) + 3 O2(g) → 2Fe2O3(s)  a.12.0... more
Chemistry Conversion


Based on the activity series provided, which reactants will form products?

  F > Cl > Br > I
Chemistry Conversion


balance c3h8+502> 3co2+ 4H20

balance c3h8+502> 3co2+ 4H20  


Describe the steps you would use to solve this problem.

In a scale drawing of a dining room floor plan, 10 mm equals 2 meters. If the homeowners wanted to purchase flooring that costs $10.89 per square yard, how much would they spend on flooring for the... more


PLEASE HELP!!!? Percent composition problem?

Silver is reacted with excess mercury (II) chloride, producing a solid silver chloride precipitate. If the actual yield of 25.5 g silver chloride represents a 77 percent yield, how much silver was... more

A sample of nitrogen gas, N2, contains 1.33 x 10 ^24 total atoms of nitrogen, N. How many moles of nitrogen molecules are present?

Can you please show your work? I keep trying a variety of different conversions, but I don't really even know where to start and how to get the correct answer. I would greatly appreciate any help -... more
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A sample of nitrogen gas, N2, contains 1.33 x 10^24 total atoms of nitrogen, N. How many moles of nitrogen molecules are present?

Can you please describe how you get your answer? I want to learn what the answer is and how to figure it out so I can know how to do similar problems in the future. Thank you for your help!

Perform a rxn to obtain 5 g ethyl bromide. Assuming that a normal percentage yield is 85%, what min quantity of materials needed to give desired product

Density of ethyl bromide is 1.47 g/cm3 Molecular mass of ethyl bromide is 108.97 g/mol   I need the answer in mL ethanol and mL phosphorus tribromide


How much PBr3 is required to react completely with 6.0 mL of ethanol?

this question is related to the balanced equation 3CH3CH2OH + PBr3 ----> 3 CH3CH2Br + H3PO3

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