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Help with medication dosage calculations!

A neonate weighs 6.6 lbs. She is ordered a medication dose of 20 mg/kg every 12 hours. The medication is available in a concentration of 25 mg/ml. How many ml will the infant require per 12 hours?
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Identify medications that may be helping to induce this arrhythmia

A 60-year-old woman presents to the emergency room complaining of syncope. She was in her car when she had the episode and had a minor accident. She indicates that she has had more than one syncope... more
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How many drops total in 3ml

in general there are 15 to 20 drops per ml . For PTCB calculations use 20 drops/ ml. Set up equation as such.20 drops/mL = x drops / 3 mL . Solve for x to get the answer, which is 60 drops.


i need help with my pharmacy homework

1.   RX: HIV Treatment RegimenAbacavir 300mg iii PO BID Lexiva 700mg one PO QAM and two PO QPMRaltegravir 100mg iv PO QIDTruvada one PO TID Abacavir is only available in 100... more

is dibromomethane used in the pharma industry?

is dibromomethane used directly or indirectly in the pharma industries? If yes then please give an example
Pharmacy Pharmacology


How many ml of 4.1 mEq/mL magnesium sulfate solution are needed to prepare 16 mmol of magnesium sulfate in 100 mL of water

tried using a an equation that involved multiplying the 4.1 mEq/mL by the formula weight (246) and dividing by 2, the valence. I ended up with 504 mg/ml. I'm stuck after that.  


Word problem

You need to make 1litter of 50% dextrose solution. The only dextrose solution you have in stoke is 70%. How much of the 70% solution so you need to add to sterile water to make 1 litter of 50%... more

How do you calculate molar concentration given that it is a 1:200 aqueous solution and the molecular weight is 165.23?

This is part of a question where you calculate pH given Kb and information above. I just want to know how to calculate the molar concentration of the ephedrine concentration, given that it is a... more


A patient needs 35% dextrose 500 mL. The pharmacy only has 70% dextrose 1000 mL

A patient needs 35% dextrose 500 mL. The pharmacy only has 70% dextrose 1000 mL   How much concentrate will you need? 300 mL 500 mL 250 mL 350 mL How much diluent will you need? 200 mL 150 mL... more


Cephalosporins process flow diagram

Hello I would like to ask you about the process of cephalosporins process flow diagram. And if you could give me a picture or tell me the process step by step. Thank you


Need help solving this problem about dosage?

Hello. I've been wrestling with this problem all night and most of today. Couldsomeone walk me through the steps? Any help at all is extremely appreciated. I don't know what to do!! Here is the... more


Which of the following is true regarding acids and bases?

Which is true? a.Tetracycline is the salt of a base b.Sodium phenobarbital is the salt of a base c.ephedrine tartrate is the salt of a base

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