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Chem Chemistry


someone help me.

15.4g of methanol (CH3OH 32.042 g/mol) reacts completely according to the following reaction: CH3OH (g) -----> CH2O(g) + H2(g) if 12.35 g of formaldehyde (30.026 g/mol) is produced, what is... more


Turbulence and Poiseuille's equation

(P3) [8 points] Poiseuille’s equation does not hold if the flow velocity is high enough that turbulence sets in. The onset of turbulence occurs when the so-called Reynolds number Re, exceeds... more


What is this equation? ρAv = C

Hello,I think this equation has something to do with fluid statics, but can't quite recall. A refresher would be extremely helpful


Frequency and waves

WEGT( Hank-FM) operates at a radio frequency of 99.9MHza) what is the wavelength of this radiation (hint:1MHz= 10^6Hz)b) What is the energy of the radio frequency in the problem above in kJ?
Chem Chemistry


Chemistry question

When naming formulas, when do you use the suffixes -ite and -ate?


Precipitation Possibilities

Determine if a a precipitate forms when the following 1.00M solutions are mixed. Provide the molecular equation, ionic equation and the net-ionic equation if one forms.a.) Barium Chloride and... more

Figuring out Intermolecular Forces?

I believe the answer for the first question is hydrogen bonding, but I am not sure about the other ones.What is the strongest type of intermolecular force in each of the following... more

Chemistry Resonance Question?

I am a bit confused, and the only one I am pretty sure has resonance is CNS-.Which of the following compounds/ions exhibit resonance? Select "yes" or "no" for each... more
Chem Chemistry


chemistry homework help!

Question: A mixture of flammable gas containing carbon oxide (carbon (II) oxide) and hydrogen is produced from the reaction of water vapour with hot carbon. Calculate the total volume of carbon... more


For many purposes we can treat ammonia NH3 as an ideal gas at temperatures above its boiling point of -33 degrees celsius.

Suppose the temperature of a sample of ammonia gas is raised from -14.0 °C to 21.0 °C, and at the same time the pressure is changed. If the initial pressure was 6.5 atm and the volume increased by... more
Chem Chemistry


Can someone help me with the name

Name the following compound: CH3 |CH3-CH-CH=C-CH3 | CH2CH3ive been able to name 3-chlorononyne and 2-chrolobutane, but... more
Chem Chemistry


Been getting this question wrong don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Draw the structure of 1-ethyl-2,2-dimethylcyclohexane


Consider the following balanced reaction. HCl (aq) + KOH (aq) → H2O (l) + KCl (aq)

In a beaker, 250.0 mL of 0.25 M HCl and 200.0 mL of 0.40 M KOH are mixed. After reaction, is the solution acidic, neutral, or basic? What is the pH of the solution at the end of the... more
Chem Chemistry


Can someone check my work

Write the two geometric isomers of the alkene having the molecular formula C3H4Cl2.CH2Cl-C=CHCl trans-1,3-dichloroprop-1-eneCH2Cl-C=CHCl cis-1,3-dichloroprop-1-ene 
Chem Chemistry


I just need to know if I'm in the right route

So I need to name and draw the 18 isomers for C8H18 I just need to know I am doing them right so far I haveCH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3 OCTANECH3CH2-CH-CH2CH2CH2CH3 | ... more
Chem Chemistry


Can someone help me I’m stumped

So I’m just missing in naming this four compounds, and I’ve gotten them wrong in all my tries.1- CH3CH2CHCH3 | CH2CH3 CH3 |2-... more

Trigonal Bipyramids? Confused.

Which of the following compounds exhibit trigonal bipyramidal electron geometry? Select true if the molecule exhibits trigonal bipyramidal electron geometry. Otherwise, select false. IF5 SF6 KrCl2... more
Chem Chemistry


Can someone help me with these

Draw the structural and condensed formulas of "4-Ethyl-2-hexene" and "3-Isobutyl-1, 4-pentadiene"for "4-Ethyl-2-hexene i put for structural formula H H H H H | | | | ... more

Help can someone check my work

Draw the condensed formulas of 3-hexene and 2-methylbutane3-hexeneCH3CH2CH=CHCH2CH32-methylbutaneCH3|CH3-CH-CH2-CH3 Draw the structural formula of 3-pentyne. What is wrong with this... more

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