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Ap Chem Math Chemistry


need help with a homework problem, very advanced

Guanine is an essential component of DNA. It contains the elements carbon, hydrogen,nitrogen and oxygen. When 615 mg of guanine is burned, 895 mg of carbon dioxide and 183 mgof water are formed. In... more
Ap Chem Science Chemistry


why do you assume 100 g of a substance when given percentages?

when given a problem and the elements of a compound are given in percentages, i don't understand why you can just assume that it's 100g of the compound. why couldn't it be 200g or 700g of the... more
Ap Chem Chemistry Chem


what mass of ammonia can be synthesized from 150g of h2?

Can you please show steps as well? thank you!
Ap Chem Chemistry Chem


Iron (II) sulfide contains 36.47% sulfur by mass. If 87.91 g of iron sulfide is made by reacting iron with sulfur, what mass of iron was reacted?

I really need help with this question. Can you please show steps as well? thank you!



A sample of flammable liquid is placed into an enclosed cylinder which is then fitted with a movable piston. Initially the cylinder contains a volume of 1.60 L. The sample is ignited producing gas... more


(Please Help) Determination of boiling point of unknown liquid

Data:Calibration of thermometer:In ice-water system:Actual temperature, T(°C): T1: 0.0Thermometer reading, R(°C): R1 :0.2In boiling water system:Actual temperature, T(°C): T2: 100.0Thermometer... more
Ap Chem Chemistry


chemistry kinetics rate law

Give the characteristics of a first order reaction having only one reactanta) the rate of the reattion is not proportional to the concentration of the reactant b) the rate of the reaction is... more


colligative properties

OS Chapter 11 Items9. Calculate the freezing point of a solution of 400.0 g of ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) dissolved in 600.0 g of water. A) 80.0°C B) -5.5°C C) 20.0°C D) -20.0°C E) 5.5°C Kf =... more
Ap Chem Chemistry Chem


Why is a calcium atom larger than a magnesium atom?

Please help explain in terms of not just periodic trends.
Ap Chem Chemistry Chem


If 1000. g of calcium carbonate reacts with 750. g of hydrochloric acid, what is the theoretical yield of calcium chloride according to this reaction?

____CaCO3 + _____HCl ---> _____CaCl2 + _____H2O + _____CO2
Ap Chem Chemistry Chem


Chorine and fluorine react to form gaseous chlorine trifluoride. In an experiment, you started with 1.75 moles of chlorine and 8.68 moles of fluorine.

___Cl2 + ____F2 ---> ___ClF2a. What is the limiting reactant?b. What mass of chlorine triflouride can be made?c. Which reactant is in excess?d. What mass of the excess reactant remains unused?
Ap Chem Chemistry Chem


Copper (II) oxide solid and hydrogen gas react to form elemental copper and water.

a. Write a balanced equation for the reaction.b. How many grams of Cu can be produced when 19.9g of CuO react with 2.02g of H2?


In an experiment, 0.400 mol Fe and 0.750 mol HCl are combined. How many moles of hydrogen will form?

____Fe + ____HCl ---> _____H2 + _____FeCl2


Calculate the percent ionization of 0.125 M lactic acid in a solution containing 8.5×10−3 M sodium lactate.

Express your answer using two significant figures.
Ap Chem Science Chemistry


Why are silver, lead, and mercury so special? (why do they always precipitate out and never dissolve)

please be detailed but simple. i have to write a random paper about this yet we were never taught this. it's due tomorrow and before you say i procrastinated, this was just assigned friday and the... more

AP Chemistry Oxidation-Reduction Reaction Titration

Write the balanced net ionic equation for the reaction between MnO4ions and H2C2O4 in acid solution .2 . H ow many moles of Fe2 + ions can be ox i d i zed by 0.043 moles of MnO4 i o n s ?3 . 1.630... more
Ap Chem Science Chemistry


Find Kc for the reaction

The following reaction was performed in a sealed vessel at 723 ∘C :H2(g)+I2(g)⇌2HI(g)Initially, only H2 and I2 were present at concentrations of [H2]=3.10M and [I2]=2.20M. The equilibrium... more

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