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Scientific notation

How would i put these numbers into scientific notation ?    3, 200, 000 = ?    0.000 98 = ?    0.079 = ?    6, 000 , 000 , 000 = ?    750 = ? 

Chemistry name stating ( Metric )

How would i state the name of the following metric prefixes    1000 (1 x 10^3)    0.001 (1 x 10^-3)   0.1 (1 x 10^-1)    1,000,000 (1 x 10^6)    0.000, 001 (1 x 10^-6)


A student is given the question: "What is the mass of a gold bar that is 7.379 × 10–4 m3 in volume? The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm3."

The student obtains the answer through the following calculation:answer=7.379×10^−4 m^3×(100 cm/1 m)^3×19.3 g/cm^3For the above calculation, identify each value as one that is uncertain or known... more
Chem Chemistry


Calculate the concentration of sodium (gramsLgramsL) in sea water if a 1.80 liter sample of water contains 2.07 grams of sodium.

i need help. i think the answer is 1.15 but that is not right. 2.07/1.80= 1.15

If 30g of CuSO4 • 5H20 are present, how many moles of CuSo4 • 5H2O are present?

I need help with this chemistry question please? Silly me didn't copy fast enough when my instructor was working on the problem on the board & was also focusing how he was solving it as well. I... more

How do i solve a double replacement reaction?

Balance and then write the net ionic equation. I know that (aq) stands for dissolved water     NH4CL (aq) + Mg (OH)2 (aq) -> MgCl2 (aq) + NH3 (g) + H2O (l)


So the question is....   How many Joules of energy will be needed to heat 128.0g of water 0.00 degrees Celsius to 283.08 degrees K.   I keep getting 5320 J while my friends say that it is... more



The question is what is the weight of Orange (590 nm) in nanograms (ng)?   What is the answer to the question and how would you find this?  


I was wondering if you could help me come up with a proper answer for this question. I took a test and have no idea what I did wrong and the teacher will not help. I redid the problem and do not... more


Calculating molarity

Calculate the molarity of the solution created when 50.0mL of 0.132M NaOH is mixed with 75.0ml of 0.120M NaOH( assuming that volumes are additive)


If you hold up a test tube that is being “lit up” by white light and your eye tells you it's purple, how is the input white light being changed?

If you hold up a test tube that is being “lit up” by white light and your eye tells you it's purple, how is the input white light being changed?

How much CaCl2 needs to be added to change the concentration of Ca from 100mg/L to 200mg/L?

Question: I have 275 gal of water. Ca concentration is 100mg/L. How much CaCl2 is needed to be added for Ca to become 200mg/L?   I understand that you should convert mg to grams, and doing so... more


Which of the following compounds when placed in water would produce an electrically conductive solution?

-FeSO4 -ZnBr2 -Mn(OH)2 -CsBr -CCl4   Please select all that are true! 

Question is below... I'm a lot of trouble with these problems please help and show work and answer thanks appreciate it!

Question #1 At a certain temperature, the equilibrium constant Kc is 0.154 for the reaction    2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) <--> 2SO3 (g)   What concentration of SO3 would be in equilibrium with... more
Chem Chemistry


Identify the ff as electrolytes that dissolve via ionization or nonelectrolytes that dissolve via hydrogen bondinh

nano3 cacl2 h2co3 li2so4 c3h8o3 c6h12o6 c12h22o11 co(clo)2 ph3 *all numbers are subscripts
Chem Chemistry


The kinetic-molecular theory explains the behavior of... A) gases only B) solids & liquids C) liquids & gases or D) solids, liquids, & gases

If 2 moving steel balls collide, their total energy after the collision is the same as before. This is an example of... A) boyle's law B) the law of gravity C) an elastic collision or D) both... more


3.80 moles of oxygen are used up in the reaction. How many moles of water are produced

In a combustion reaction, acetylene (c2h2) combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water  


How to write the balanced equation?

If 3.30g of Cu(NO3)2 is obtained from allowing 1.86g of Cu to react with excess HNO3, what is the percent yield of the reaction? Write the balanced equation.


The decomposition of 74.2g of ammonium nitrate yields how many liters of water at 0.954 atm and 387 k

Am I correct in thinking that you would use PV=nRT to get the moles, then use stoichiometry to get liters, or just  pay no attention to the atm and kelvin and just convert the grams into litems... more


If 34.2 grams of lithium react with excess water, how many liters of hydrogen gas can be produced at 299 Kelvin and 1.21 atmospheres?

If 34.2 grams of lithium react with excess water, how many liters of hydrogen gas can be produced at 299 Kelvin and 1.21 atmospheres? Show all of the work used to solve this problem. 2 Li (s) + 2... more

Ionic Size

I really don't understand what this is asking... please help.   1.) As you move left to right across the period, there are two elements that instead show a decrease in ionization energy. Identify... more


Conductivity help?

I'm doing an assignment for chemistry class and on one of the questions its asking me for the conductivity of solid, and conductivity of water solution for the following substances: Sodium... more

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