Channing S.

asked • 09/22/15

Ionic Size

I really don't understand what this is asking... please help.
1.) As you move left to right across the period, there are two elements that instead show a decrease in ionization energy. Identify these elements and explain why for each.
2.) Arrange Na+,Ca2+, Cl- in order of increasing ionic size. Explain.
3.) Arrange Si, F, C from least exothermic electron affinity to most. Explain.

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Tamari N. answered • 09/22/15

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Steve C.

If the period is two, boron would have a lower first ionization energy than beryllium (p electron has a higher energy than s electron which makes it easier to remove).  Oxygen would have a lower first IE


Steve C.

than nitrogen for the reason given ny Tamari.  For period three, aluminum will have a lower first IE than magnesium, and sulfur will have a lower first IE than phosphorus...


Tamari N.

You got it right: First IE of
N is 1400, for O is 1310 kJ/mol
Be is 900kJ/mol, for B is 799 kJ/mol
P-  1011 kJ/mol; S -1000 kJ/mol
Mg - 736 kJ/mol; Al - 577 kJ/mol


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