Mirsha M.

asked • 10/12/15

How to write the balanced equation?

If 3.30g of Cu(NO3)2 is obtained from allowing 1.86g of Cu to react with excess HNO3, what is the percent yield of the reaction? Write the balanced equation.

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Bob K. answered • 10/12/15

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Mirsha M.

Im having trouble writing the balanced equation, I havent had too much practice with that


Bob K.

Mirsha - Start by putting the known reactants and products on opposite sides of the equation, then start matching individual elements. You already have one Cu on each side. You have two nitrate ions on one side so you will need two on the other side, in the form of nitric acid. The only element then not accounted for is the H in nitric acid. That's where hydrogen gas (H2) is needed to balance that. Check when done to make sure each element balances.
If you would like more help schedule a session with me. I can go through it (or similar problems) step by step with you.


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