Jane V.

asked • 05/17/16

Question is below... I'm a lot of trouble with these problems please help and show work and answer thanks appreciate it!

Question #1
At a certain temperature, the equilibrium constant Kc is 0.154 for the reaction 
2SO(g) + O(g) <--> 2SO(g)
What concentration of SO3 would be in equilibrium with 0.250 moles of SOand 0.752 moles of O in a 1.00 liter container at this temperature? (note: these latter moles are the equilibrium values. 
Question #2
A+2B <--> C
consider the data
            initial             initial              initial 
             (A)                 (B)                rate
              M                   M                M/min
1          0.23              0.23            0.0048668
2          0.23              0.46            0.0194672
3          0.46              0.46            0.0389344
If the initial concentrations of both A and B are 0.41M, at what initial rate is C formed?
answer in units of M/min

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Sahil P. answered • 05/17/16

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