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Enter the molecular formula for butane

Express your answer as a chemical formula 

what is the structure of glutamic acid and lysine at pH 2 and pH 11?

what is the structure of glutamic acid and lysine at pH 2 and pH 11?


Using density as a unit conversion, calculate the volume of one ounce (30.0)g of gold.

Calculateting the volume 


a sulfide of an element A, contains 3 atoms of S per formula unit and is 43.71% S. A) What is the formula weight of the compound? B) AxS3

plsssss help meee I really need the answer.


Two solutions: one has pH=2 and the other has pH=4

pH=2  pH=4 


What is the mass of a sample of O2 gas?

Which has a pressure of 740. mmHg, at a temperature of 25 degree Celsius, in a volume of 250. mL?


At STP, what is the mass of 11.2 liters of O2 gas?

I tried solving this myself and got 16.0 g, but wasn't quiet to sure if I did the problem right.


How do I find the formula of Copper(1) Sulfide?

Please explain in detail the steps in order to solve this equation.
Chem Chemisty


calculate the molarity of 1270g of K2PO4 in 4.0 L aqueous solution

i do not know how to d0 it at all help



For the elements with the electron affinities given in the table in the introduction, which element is most likely to accept an electron?SBeP



What wavelength λ should the astrophysicist look for to detect a transition of an electron from the n=7 to the n=3 level?   value..... ; Units......



Calculate the energy of a photon of electromagnetic radiation at each of the following wavelengths.Part A488.0 nm (wavelength of argon laser) Part B12.24 cm (wavelength of microwave oven) Part... more
Chem Gas Laws


Calculate the volume of co2 in l, produced when 300 g of butane is burned is burned completely in oxygen. The gas volume is measured at slc

I don’t understand how to find the mole using only the kg of butane

Whats the correct way to approach this concentration question?

Part I. Preparation of a Fe(III)-oxalate complex: (4 pts) a) Recorded mass of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2●6H2O used: 1.3807 (g) b) pH paper color upon addition of oxalic acid: Magenta c) Does this color... more


AP Chemistry Question

Which of the following statements best explains why phosphorus ions tend to have a charge of -3?   (A) Phosphorus atoms want to gain 3 electrons in order to fill their p-subshell (B) Phosphorus... more


Which type of radiation would be most useful in examining the dimensionality of molecules?

(A) Ultraviolet (B) Visible (C) Infrared (D) Microwave

At a certain temperature, this reaction establishes an equilibrium with the given equilibrium constant, Kc.  

At a certain temperature, this reaction establishes an equilibrium with the given equilibrium constant, Kc. 3A(g) + 2B(g) <------> 4C(g) Kc= 2.13x 10^17 If, at this temperature, 2.40 mol of... more

Calculate the [Zn2 ] in the solution if the cell potential, Ecell, is -1.061 V.

A Zn wire and Ag/AgCl reference electrode (E° = 0.197 V) are placed into a solution of ZnSO4. The Zn wire is attached to the positive terminal and the Ag/AgCl electrode is attached to the negative... more

Calculate the potential for each cell as shown below

Calculate the potential for each cell as shown below and indicate whether the metal electrode in the half-reaction opposite the standard hydrogen electrode, S.H.E., would be the anode or the... more


Categorize these solids as pure substance or mixtures.Categorize the pure substances as elements vs compounds and metals vs non-metals.

Sulfur Wooden splint Copper Powder Charcoal Selenium powder Steel Wool

Scientific notation

How would i put these numbers into scientific notation ?    3, 200, 000 = ?    0.000 98 = ?    0.079 = ?    6, 000 , 000 , 000 = ?    750 = ? 

Chemistry name stating ( Metric )

How would i state the name of the following metric prefixes    1000 (1 x 10^3)    0.001 (1 x 10^-3)   0.1 (1 x 10^-1)    1,000,000 (1 x 10^6)    0.000, 001 (1 x 10^-6)


A student is given the question: "What is the mass of a gold bar that is 7.379 × 10–4 m3 in volume? The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm3."

The student obtains the answer through the following calculation:answer=7.379×10^−4 m^3×(100 cm/1 m)^3×19.3 g/cm^3For the above calculation, identify each value as one that is uncertain or known... more
Chem Chemistry


Calculate the concentration of sodium (gramsLgramsL) in sea water if a 1.80 liter sample of water contains 2.07 grams of sodium.

i need help. i think the answer is 1.15 but that is not right. 2.07/1.80= 1.15

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