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Dividing Fractions Fractions 6th Grade Math


After dinner Maya has 1/4 of a pan of brownies left. She divides the brownies into 3 containers. How much of the pan of brownies does she put into EACH container?

If you have 1/4 of a pan of brownies, how could you draw that out? If this amount of remaining brownies was divided into 3 containers, how would you represent that?
Dividing Fractions Elementary Math Fractions


Tina’s life in the city

If Tina just turned 18, and she lived 4/9 of her life in the city, how many years did Tina live in the city?
Dividing Fractions


its dividing fractions

charles has 1/2 pounds of grapes that he seperated into 3 equal groups. how many pounds does each portion weigh
Dividing Fractions


Fraction word problem

There are 5 people who will share a 24 pound bag of apples. How many pounds of apples should each person get?
Dividing Fractions


Dividing Fraction 1 1/2 / 6 How would I solve this problem?


John ran 4 miles and walked 1/4 of a mile. How much farther did John run than walk?

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers: word problems
Dividing Fractions Multiplying Fractions


To amend a country's constitution 4/9 of the 87 states ie an amendment , will the constitution be amended

it hard to do please help me 
Dividing Fractions


How do you solve this fraction? 1/9 divided by -9/5

I'm trying to find the quotient and reduce the answer to the lowest term.
Dividing Fractions


The bookshelf is 42 inches long. Each book is 1 1/4 inches wide. How many books will fit on the shelf?

What’s the answer
Dividing Fractions


How many 1 1/2 cups servings are in 6 cups servings of juice

draw a model to help you solve the problem 
Dividing Fractions Multiplying


thalia jogged 3/4 of a mile in 1/6 of an hour. At what average speed did Thalia jog

do you have to find a common denominator
Dividing Fractions


A band took 3 breaks during a 4 hour concert. Each break was 1/6 hour. How many minutes of break were there?

A band took 3 breaks during a 4 hour concert. Each break was 1/6 hour. How many minutes of break were there?
Dividing Fractions


If you need 3 lemons to make 24 apple rose tarts, how many lemons do you need to make 4 apple rose tarts?

Write answer as mixed numbers in simplest form. Show work on how you got the answer.  
Dividing Fractions


A box is 18 3/8 inches and bob has 3 yards of wood how many boxes can he make

How can I explain this to a 6th grader
Dividing Fractions


How many pieces 3 3/4 in. long can be cut from 32 metal rods each 24 in. long? Disregard waste

Can't figure this problem out
Dividing Fractions


what two fractions devided by eachother equal 30

what is the two fractions devided by eachother to get 30
Dividing Fractions


each day, Foster uses 4 bags of milk for tea for her family and tenant. In how much of a day will they use 1/2 of a bag of milk?

I do not have any other details to add
Dividing Fractions


A juice jug hold 3 3/4 L of juice. How many glasses of juice can you pour if each one holds 1/5L?

Dividing fractions word problems  
Dividing Fractions Word Problems Mixed Fractions


How do I know for sure which fraction to divide into which in a mixed fraction word problem?

when doing mixed fraction word problems, I get mixed up about which fraction to divide into which. 
Dividing Fractions


Kim bough 10 yards of fabric for bandanas. Each bandana uses 1/3 yard. How many bandanas will Kim make?

Must use a divinding fraction formula. 

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